Cecily Hastings, Publisher/Owner of Inside Publications

How much do you love Sacramento? Love, as in publishing an entire book dedicated to the top 100 spots, love? Well, that’s Cecily – a neighborhood advocate who has made a career out of cheerleading Sacramento. She founded Inside Publications in 2006, and while other community papers have disappeared, Inside has continued to grow and now covers Arden, East Sacramento, Land Park, the Pocket and the Grid. She published Inside Sacramento in 2016, which is a photo-driven guide to the best spots on the grid, and it’s the perfect coffee table book for a new resident or local. As Sacramento grows, it’s good to know we have excellent story-tellers ready to share the love!

Name: Cecily Hastings

Age: 62

Title: Publisher/owner of Inside Publications, publisher of the book
Inside Sacramento: The Most Interesting Places in America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital and Founder, Friends of East Sacramento, a nonprofit that restored and now manages the Clunie Community Center and McKinley Rose Garden

Best Advice You Ever Received: When I started our publishing business I was told that if we ever decided to expand our business that we needed to create the exact same conditions that made our first venture successful…Apples to apples vs. apples to oranges. I followed that advice carefully when we expanded five times.

Sacramento Woman You Most Admire? Jane Einhorn is both confident and fearless, and she shares my passion for connecting people in our community together for the betterment of all.

Fave Local Cause? Friends of East Sacramento, which was formed by my best friend and me to take care of two of our city’s most historic and beautiful assets that had fallen into despair.

What Do You Want to See in Sacramento in 5 Years? For almost every year of my 28 years since I arrived here, I have seen our city improve. (Although the recession set us far back.) I think we need to keep developing interesting local assets to attract new residents….more things to do, places to shop and places to live and play. We need things that celebrate Sacramento’s unique local qualities. Plus, I’d love a salt water lap pool!

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