Dine Downtown 2018

By Laine Himmelmann

Laine Himmelman

Calling all foodies, it’s time to put your New Year’s resolutions aside to enjoy Sacramento’s best January event  “Dine Downtown Week”  – a 10 day opportunity to taste and (affordably) experience the best of Downtown Sacramento’s dining scene.

This year, 32 restaurants will be participating in the event which includes offering up special 3-course, pre-fixed meals for a flat fee of $35 per person.  For participating gourmet restaurants like Ella, the Grange, Biba’s, or Paragary’s, where on a typical night a 3-course meal of this caliber would easily be in the $55-$70 range, dine downtown is a pretty sweet deal.  

Dine Downtown Week is also a great deal for the restaurants, as it drives traffic during a typically very rough month for sales (particularly for fine dining restaurants) and gives restaurants the opportunity to showcase their eats at a “palatable” price and cultivate new clientele.  Also, one dollar from every Dine Downtown meal supports social services and food literacy programs in Sacramento.  

I spent my annual ladies Dine Downtown experience on opening night at Firehouse whose dine downtown menu lured us in with main courses that included a Sirloin Steak, Squash Ravioli, Skuna Bay Salmon, or Roasted Chicken.     

After hearing the specials from our waiter, we decided to take a glance at the normal menu and ended up veering slightly from the pre-fixed menu after seeing some of the incredible offerings like the “firehouse trio” (a beautifully assembled plate of mushroom ravioli, Dungeness crab cake, and seared Berkshire pork belly), the foie gras, a roasted beets and goat cheese salad, and a 24 oz. Ribeye that is what dreams are made of could’ve fed a small village (but instead fed 3 ladies with some leftover).  

Who could say no to this?  And it tasted just as good as it looks!

On the plus side, even though we ended up veering from the dine downtown menu, our waiter still let us order the special pre-fixed Dine Downtown Wine Flights  (a total steal and highly recommended at $15 per person.  The wine flight included a glass of N.V. Michelle Brut Sparkling Wine, a glass of 2015 Boeger Pinot Noir, and a glass of 2015 Sobon Estate Cab).  

3 ladies, 3 wine flights please!

The 13th Annual Dine Downtown Week started last Friday and goes through this Sunday, January 21st at participating restaurants.  (You can see all participating restaurants and their pre-fixed menus here).  

Reservations are HIGHLY encouraged.  

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