The Ladies of Sac Open Studios!

By Chantel Elder

Sacramento’s oldest and largest open studio program, Sac Open Studios, presented by Verge Center for the Arts, is heading into its second and final weekend of the 12th Annual free self-guided tour of workshops, group shows, performances and parties.

Established in 2006, Sac Open Studios spotlights 150 local artists including artist studios, a preview exhibition at Verge, and select events. This unique program allows participants the opportunity to engage directly with the artists in an intimate setting, while they embark on an art-focused exploration of Sacramento.

Over the past few years, Sacramento’s art scene has burst out of the studios and galleries and into abandoned buildings, warehouses, and onto the walls of Sacramento’s most recognizable landmarks and alleyways. Sac Open Studios provides the public a chance to meet many of the local artists who participated in these projects, along with many more.  

Founder and Executive Director, Liv Moe, has expanded Sac Open Studios to eleven cities throughout Sacramento County – and is the only program of its kind in the region.

A 51-page, full-color printed guide includes a full schedule, map, and list of events – meet a few of the ladies!

Roxanne Young, 39, Isleton (Textiles, #264)


Tell us about the art you’re featuring: I specialize in hand dyed art to wear. To inspirit the everyday.

How has Sac Open Studios helped your business? It has helped by connecting me to other local artists, and connection and community is always helpful.

Who is a local woman you admire? Ah! There are so many! If I have to pick one, it would be Trisha Romberg.  She just straight up busts her rump for the Sacramento artist community and is always there to offer help and to find more opportunities for local folks.

Who is your favorite local artist? At the moment, Sarah Golden of Maker Maker  She just had an art show up at WAL. I spent many nights measuring my living room wall space and checking out all her paintings to see what would fit.  I want a big one, but my budget just isn’t quite there yet. One day, soon, hopefully.

Tell us a little known fact about you: I’m an identical twin.

Describe your Friday night: Every night blends together. I’m not even sure what a Friday night is anymore. But if I’m lucky, it involves friends, music and wine.

Heather Hogan, 38, Curtis Park (Printmaking, #177)


Tell us about the art you’re featuring: I’m working on a relief print series of animals with occupations– the more improbable that the animal could actually accomplish the job the better! I print these on paper, garments, and sometimes mix the prints with encaustic, assemblage and mixed media. I’m working on another series about kitchen tools in cyanotype (sun printing) and finishing up a series about hand gestures and mixed signals.

How has Sac Open Studios helped your business? First off it’s helped me to meet so many talented fellow artists and art lovers. It’s hard to get artwork out into the world… so being in my own space and sharing my work and process with people who are genuinely interested is really valuable. I always get great feedback on which pieces have impact and ideas on display and pricing. It helps me gain new followers and fans, some make purchases or order commissions and support my other events.

Who is a local woman you admire? Wow, that’s tricky… Linda Clark Johnson has been a wonderful mentor and very kind and open; she always tries to connect fellow artists and teach what she learns. I love all the tips and advice that Kate Farrall gives out, I’m always inspired after hearing her talk.

Who is your favorite local artist? Oh no, I can’t pick just one! Shortlist for this year: I love the footed fruits and veggies by Sandy Fong Whetstone, the fantastic creatures by Lindsey Dillon, collage work by Jill Allyn Stafford, Frankie Hansbearry’s sculptures always makes me giggle, and I love floating into the giant abstract work by Cherie Hacker.

Tell us a little known fact about you: My husband and I backpacked across Western Europe and Thailand for 8 months for our honeymoon (15 years ago).

Describe your Friday night: If the kids are home, it’s pizza or thai food and and a family movie–The Borrowers was our last flick. If we’re out on the town we like to happy hour bike-crawl to new and favorite restaurants, stopping for a cocktail and appetizer at each spot, maybe see a show at Harlow’s or take in a gallery or two.

Jaya King (Painting, #121)


Tell us about the art you’re featuring: I am an encaustic artist (encaustic is an astounding medium where you paint with pigmented wax and fire.  I mean, you’re painting with fire!)  My work is either abstract or semi abstract and I use a limited color palette.  My recent work primarily uses black, white with a little hint of something else.

How has Sac Open Studios helped your business? It’s always wonderful to connect with new clients and Sac Open Studios is key.  I also teach encaustic classes so Sac Open Studios is a great opportunities to meet new students.  It feels so rewarding to walk away from the weekend with classes filled and commissions in the wings.

Who is a local woman you admire? I have to admit, she’s off to college now, and she’s one of my encaustic students.  Her name is Joy and she is going to change the world.  When I first met her she was a junior in high school raising money and awareness to help victims of sex trafficking.  I admire that she is unwaveringly giving of herself and is actively making this world a better place.

Who is your favorite local artist? I’ve known Micah Crandall-Bear for a few years now (pre-beard).  In fact we did a pop-up together for second Saturday another lifetime ago.  I’ve always admired his work and seeing it grow over the years makes me fall more in love with it.  The colors, the “simplicity” and his process just blow me away.  Of course, now that he knows this I won’t be able to make as much fun of him.

Tell us a little known fact about you: I have 2 chickens.

Describe your Friday night: I paint, watch old episodes of Mission Impossible and cuddle with my 2 chickens.

Kate Farrall, 44, Tahoe Park (Photography, #252)

(not far from Bacon and Butter which is extremely dangerous)


Tell us about the art you’re featuring: I’ll share the non-traditional and experimental photo-based work I make. My methods include exposing photos through the postal system, hacking a drugstore to make images in it and growing bioluminescent fungus as my light source. I’ll give a presentation on my creative process on Saturday 9/16 at 11am in collaboration with Art Tonic whose mission is to connect art lovers and artists.

How has Sac Open Studios helped your business? Opening my studio during Sac Open Studios has been a catalyst for selling work, getting gallery exhibition opportunities, meeting other artists, having AMAZING conversations with people who love art, and learning more about my work after seeing it through the eyes of others. It always surprises me what comes of it and it’s always a lot of fun.

Who is a local woman you admire? I admire Liv Moe for sticking with Verge and helping to grow it to where it is today and I admire Ariana Young for sticking with and managing Sac Open Studios so well. Both jobs are a lot harder than they look. -Thanks ladies!

Who is your favorite local artist? This is like asking me to pick my favorite child! There are SO MANY amazing artists in Sacramento that I am constantly amazed. Most of them are on the Studio Tour so open the Guide and you’ll see what I mean. Good artwork in this town for sure.

Tell us a little known fact about you: I’m a lot healthier now but I used to have a Pepsi and a pop tart every day for breakfast. I know, kind of gross. Now it’s tea and an actual protein of some sort.

Describe your Friday night: Spontaneously inviting friends over for dinner, letting the kids (and adults) play, make a mess and stay up late, have a backyard fire where we melt something like s’mores or tomatoes and sorrel if we’re out of the good stuff.

Ariana Young – Verge Center for the Arts Public Programs Manager

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