5 Things You Don’t Know About California’s 2017 Nonprofit of the Year

By Laine Himmelman

Laine Himmelman

As someone who has the opportunity to work in the Sacramento non-profit scene I’m constantly touched and inspired not only by the work of my own organization (that I feel blessed every day to be a part of), but of the collective efforts and impact of so many other incredible, thriving non-profits in our local community.  

A week ago a friend of mine invited me to an event at Wilke Fleury Law Firm to celebrate The Sacramento Children’s Home who had just received The Governor’s 2017 California Nonprofit of the Year award.  

Typically on Tuesdays, I play volleyball on an adult rec team, but I happened to have a bye that night and since I have a lot of love for the team and mission of The Sacramento Children’s Home I decided to go. (Plus Wilke Fleury never throws an event without good wine and quality soft cheeses – my two favorite things after a long work day)

In addition to the great wine and networking, the event gave me the opportunity to learn some wonderful new things about a longtime non-profit in my community.  (The brie cheese was pretty on point too.)

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention how particularly moved I was by the words of Stephen Marmaduke, Managing Partner at Wilke Fleury and Board Chair for The Sacramento Children’s Home, as the lawyer of 33 years representing one of Sacramento’s oldest and largest law firms passionately described to his colleagues and clients how he got involved with the non-profit eight years ago after meeting some of the young client’s The Sacramento Children’s Home and attending a “graduation”.  Said Stephen, “I realized that we’ve got to help these kids and I’ve got to be a part of it.”

Whether you too want to be a part of it, here are 5 awesome things you need to know about your community’s longest running active charity organization:

They were just recently awarded California’s 2017  Nonprofit of the Year by the Governor’s Office

This May, The Sacramento Children’s Home was named Nonprofit of the Year by The Governor’s office – an award given to a nonprofit who has shown an extraordinary ability to leverage volunteers in service to their organization.  (Last year Sacramento Children’s Home volunteers served nearly 7,000 children and more than 4,600 families).  

They’ve been serving here in Sacramento for 150 Years

The Sacramento Children’s Home was founded in 1867 by citizens who were alarmed by all of the abandoned children living on the area’s riverbanks following the gold rush.  It started as an orphanage and later developed as a children’s farm association and home for the abandoned.  Through the years they have remained dedicated to caring for and supporting Sacramento’s most vulnerable children and families.  

Every year The Sacramento Children’s Home hosts a “Graduation” for the children in their residential program and all the staff attends

Though The Sacramento Children’s Home has transformed through the years, they still have a residential program for abused, neglected, and traumatized youth who live, grow up, and receive treatment directly at The Sacramento Children’s Home.  They host a graduation ceremony every year for graduates of the program and all the staff and many supporters attend.

Said Board Chair Stephen Marmaduke, “The first time I went I didn’t understand why we were clapping so much until one of The Sacramento Children’s Home staff members mentioned that most of these children had never had someone clap for them or support them in their entire lives”

They have a restaurant where all the waiters and waitresses are volunteers and all the sales support The Sacramento Children’s Home

Located right next to The Sacramento Children’s Home on 2760 Sutterville Road, Casa Gardens has over 225 active volunteers who serve as waiters, waitresses, hosts, and other key restaurant staff to help support the work and mission of The Sacramento Children’s Home.  

Over the years, Casa Gardens has been responsible for donating more than $2.69 million to The Sacramento Children’s Home. They operate as a restaurant for lunch and are open to the public Monday-Friday from 11:30am-1:30pm.  They are available by reservation for private events and weddings (and having eaten there I can attest that the food is actually pretty good!). www.casagarden.org  

They’re Hiring!

The Sacramento Children’s Home is currently hiring for several roles including a Marketing and Communications Manager, Database Administrator, Payroll Tech, and several AmeriCorps and social services positions.  Visit  www.kidshome.org/careers for more info!


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