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By Megan White

Megan White
Megan White

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself in workout clothes a lot.

Of course, I wear them to the gym, but I’m also wearing my favorite leggings to brunch on the weekend and that trip to Target “for just one thing”.

And while wearing workout clothes is comfortable and easy, finding the perfect pullover or sports bra isn’t always so simple.

Monica Barboza felt the same way and decided to do something about it.

She opened Bueno Sport and Swim in 2016 and has been helping women find the perfect athletic and swimwear ever since.

This mom of three realized that women were wearing workout clothes more than ever to a variety of places.

She also knew that women today are busier than ever and that getting those workout clothes without traveling to the mall or guessing your size online would be a welcomed service.

Through this realization, Bueno Sport and Swim was born. Monica works directly with amazing athletic and swimwear designers to find beautiful pieces in all different styles.

Even better- She makes these styles available at a nice discount to her customers.

Small Overhead = Affordable Prices

Why are her prices lower? It’s thanks to her smart business model, which has very little overhead.

“Boutiques and online retailers have to cover a ton of hard costs, like employees and rent,” Monica explained to me recently when we met up for drinks at OBO. “I’m my only employee and I work out of my home, so I can offer the same item at a price that is lower than in the stores or online.”

But it’s not just the pricing that sets Bueno apart- it’s also Monica herself. Sweet and outgoing, she loves making other people’s lives a little easier.

See a legging you love on her Instagram account, but not sure about your size? She’s happy to drop a few different sizes at your office or house.


Not sure exactly what you’re looking for? She can help there too. Since she works directly with the designers, she knows her inventory inside and out and is happy to pull together a few items you might like.

Just pick out what you love and she’ll pick up the rest a few days later. No more heading back to the mall to return something, or rushing to the post office to ship it back.

You’ll also see her at local workout studios.

She has done quite a few pop-up boutiques at places including Instaphysique and Fitness Rangers and has more coming up. She loves connecting with these studios and their trainers. In fact, she offers all fitness instructors 15% off any purchase.

Want to add a little social aspect to your shopping experience?

Get a few friends together for some drinks, treats, and shopping. Monica regularly works with women that want to host a little get together at their house. She brings some great options for everyone to try on while catching up and relaxing.

Swimwear Coming Up Next

So what’s next? In May, Monica will start rolling out the swimwear line.

Trying on swimwear in your house instead of hoping for the best at the mall? I’ll take that option any day of the week!

To get in touch with Monica follow her on Instagram, check out her website, or like her Facebook page.


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