Celebrate Spring and Shop Small This Saturday

Ana Manzano

By Ana Manzano (Guest Blogger)

It’s officially Spring, which means the shorts & dresses can come out of hibernation and the trees are in full bloom (I’m with you, fellow allergy sufferers). For Sacramento’s artist & maker community, Spring marks the kickoff to event season.

Akin to traditional retail trends, handmade artists typically conduct the bulk of their business during the holiday shopping months of November and December. While many brands fulfill sales online, there is a strong population of makers who prosper through pop-up events – And it’s highly likely that every weekend through Christmas is spent setting up a carload-worth of inventory at dawn, standing, smiling & talking with potential customers all day, then packing it all up to repeat a few days later at a different event. By December 25th, it’s no wonder that most makers are ready for a hibernation of their own.

The inspired don’t sit idle for very long, however, because there is inventory to restock and new collections to create in anticipation of Spring events. This Saturday, April 1, River City Marketplace welcomes the flock of artists emerging refreshed from their studios to showcase new work to the eager public.

rcmp1From gorgeously glazed ceramic kitchenware to organic goat milk soaps, this weekend’s carefully curated market will surely have something for all tastes, budgets and shopping lists.

RCMP founder and owner of candle company Peace Love and Soy Wax, Mindy Jovanovic, is debuting her peace sign tanks & tote bags, along with DIY soy candle kits, which offer “an eco-friendly alternative to other waxes.” These new goodies are a fresh way for Mindy to continue “incorporating peace and love into [her] brand, in hopes that these ideas will spread to [her] customers and community.”

In tune with the change in seasons, self-taught watercolor artist Tonja Wilcoxrcmp3 will be showcasing her “abstract and whimsical” paintings that draw inspiration from nature, people and the artistic pulse around her.

And what a strong pulse it is! What better way to get back into action than to be surrounded by peers who elevate each other? As Tonja puts it, Sacramento’s creative class is “diverse and truly on the cusp of bursting at the seams, but what I really love is how down to earth and supportive of one another this community is!” Mindy agrees, feeling “uplifted and encouraged” by her fellow makers, artists and small business owners who help give this city character.

Spend your Saturday in celebration of the return of Spring and a design scene in full bloom.

Fremont Park, Midtown Sacramento. 11am – 5pm. FREE to attend. For more information & additional events, visit www.rivercitymarketplace916.com


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