Float Away your Daily Stresses at Capitol Floats

By Kearsten Sheperd

Kearsten Shepherd
Kearsten Shepherd

I don’t get a lot of me time these days. Life finds a way to cut short the hours in the day – which I know should be 24 – but never feels that way.

When I was perusing my Facebook feed during the crazy holiday season and an ad for the new Capitol Floats popped up promising relaxation, detoxification, and an hour of solitude – I jumped on it. I decided to buy a “float” for myself and one for a friend as a treat to ourselves after all of the holiday madness was over.

capfloatsFast forward to just a few weeks ago when we could both find time in our schedules to actually go. The entire experience was pretty great. As a first-time floater I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail available before hand and explanation given onsite.

The rooms were much larger than I pictured with an area for you to hang your clothes and personal belongings, a large shower to use before and after your float, as well as a robe and other amenities for when you are done.

The actual float room has a sealed door that reminded me of something that would be on a submarine. It does not lock and is easy to open from the inside, but does provide a seal to the room. You step right into a large tub of water with a couple of feet of water in it. The water is warm, I would have liked it to be warmer, but with no ventilation in the room it created a good amount of steam. There was soothing music and a soft light on in the room. I was given ear plugs to keep water out of my ears, and a head float which really saved my neck during the float.capfloats2

I spent the first half of my float with the lights off and the music low, using the time for meditation. The second half, I turned the light on and the music up and spent some time pushing off the sides of the tub and using it to re-energize. I really felt the detoxification while I was in there, but the side effects disappeared when I took a shower immediately following my float.

After I was showered, I joined my friend in an after-float waiting area where we enjoyed complimentary tea and water. We did not partake in the art supplies provided and instead spent about fifteen minutes just vegging out.

All in all, it was an amazing experience. I liked it so much I bought a 3-pack of floats that I hope to be able to use sooner rather than later. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new way to relax and rejuvenate. Also a plus, it’s right next door to Vibe Health Bar – where we stopped in for lunch after our float.

A few other things I liked about Capitol Floats:

  • Online booking: I was able to book our appointments online, which was great. The system was easy to use and navigate to find the day and time that worked best. When booking you can pre-pay or pay onsite, whichever you prefer. You get an email confirmation and can send a confirmation to someone else if needed.
  • Email reminders: Once I booked our appointment I kind of forgot about it to tell you the truth, luckily they sent me an email reminder the day before my appointment – reminding me of their cancellation policy (should I need to use it) along with helpful links to FAQs about floating and what to do and not to do in preparation for your float.
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff: The staff person who checked us in and showed us to our rooms was super helpful and was able to answer a lot of questions.

Still not convinced? Watch this video for more information on floating and its benefits:

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