Pub Quiz Mania In Sacramento

By Meghan Sullivan

Meghan Sullivan
Meghan Sullivan

The pub quiz – that marvelous night in a pub (or bar or restaurant) where people can argue with each other over who wrote the lyrics to that one song or who had the longest streak on Jeopardy and other such nonsense.  The pub quiz was actually established in the United Kingdom back in the 1970s as a way to drive traffic to bars on the quieter nights and the trend caught on. Pub quizzes are a chance to foster friendly competition and promote social drinking. It really is that simple, even if the quiz is not.  

There is no shortage of quiz nights throughout the region and if you haven’t been to one you really should try it. Geeks Who Drink has created a format that lets you burn through nearly 70 multimedia questions in two exciting hours. The quizzes cover everything from celebrities in trouble to wordplay to bad television.  

At Pizza Rock Sacramento, you can come test your random knowledge every Tuesday night at 8pm. Every quiz has a “Name that Tune” style audio round, a “Name that Movie or Show” style video round, and six other themed rounds of questions. You have a chance to win free pints of beer on five separate occasions and the top teams for the night take home gift certificates and a whole lot of street cred too.  

You don’t have to be a trivia savant to enjoy the quiz. Since you’re playing on a team, the collective knowledge base makes for more fun and less pressure. Plus, it’s not like you’re on a televised game show or anything.  And you’ll probably find you know a lot more than you think you do. There’s an amazing amount of truly useless information stuck in our heads, but at quiz night it suddenly becomes useful!


Full disclosure here: I am paid by Geeks Who Drink to be the quizmaster (i.e. host the quizzes) at Pizza Rock. That said, it’s not like it pays the bills. I do it because I enjoy it and think other people enjoy it too.  

Plus, Geeks Who Drink also has the wonderful thing called “Quiz For A Cause.” Quiz For A Cause (QFAC) is Geeks Who Drink’s standing offer to nonprofits to use their quiz as a tool for fundraising and community outreach.  In fact, in 2016 after a suggestion from a venue in Indiana, QFAC managed to raise $17,000 for Equality Florida by snowballing into a 3-day, 50-venue “event.”  And Geeks Who Drink isn’t stopping there, in 2017 the plan is have more large scale events like that for specific causes in a short window of time.  Local and national level community support is something Geeks Who Drink advocates. Geeks Who Drink is even supporting the national and various local Million Women Marches happening in January.  So, yeah, all that is to say that I wouldn’t mind promoting Geeks Who Drink quiz nights even if they didn’t’ pay me to host one.  But they do and I love doing it. So you should come out to Pizza Rock on a Tuesday night and see what it’s all about!

But if Tuesdays at 8pm is a bit tough for you (but honestly, if I can manage to do it every week with my schedule, you can make it out too!), there are a lot of other quiz nights out there for you to enjoy. For other local Geeks Who Drink quiz nights, check out  Or you can check out some other local quiz nights at the following venues:

  • Bonn Lair Sunday at 8:30
  • Fox and Goose Tuesday at 7

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    Meghan! I worked Crocker Ball with you! Good to know you host this, def will make a point to get out there soon!

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