Impatience is a Virtue- Why I Got Married After Six Months of Dating

By Christie Morairty

Christie Morairty
Christie Morairty


On November 1st I stood in front of thirty of my friends and family and said “I do.“ It’s official. I’m now Mrs. Morairty.

November 16th would have been our six-month dating anniversary. It’s true. I married someone after dating for six months.

Am I regretful? No. Would I recommend it? Well now that depends.

Can you plan a wedding in 30 days? Are you ready for the insane of amount of questions and unwanted opinions? Are you fine with literally everyone assuming you’re pregnant?

You are? Perfect. Here’s how it went down for me.

On July 17th he popped the question while laying in bed. Not fully realizing he was serious I made him ask me again so I could film it for Snapchat. Yes…I snapchatted my wedding proposal. I said yes but really wasn’t too worried about it actually happening any time soon. Every day that week he proceeded to ask me again and finally on Friday I lost my mind and told him he can ask me when there’s actually a ring.

Fast forward two months and the most beautiful ring arrives. FUUUUCCCKKKK…shit just got real. But the ring IS really pretty and it’s vintage so I guess I’ll wear it. Maybe I should start looking into actually planning this.

I started to panic. What do I need? A white dress right? Wait, Christie, you already live together and you posted your proposal video from bed in which you were obviously naked. You aren’t fooling anybody. No need to wear white.

Off to Nordstrom I went with my BFF. I tried on every day dress in that place before deciding on a gold art deco inspired dress. Shit…I have a 1920’s vintage ring and now an art deco dress. I guess I’m throwing a Gatsby style wedding.

I’ve worked as an event planner for a long time and I’m fully aware that the Gatsby theme is SO 2013. That being said…I didn’t throw a 1920’s Gatsby wedding. I threw a 1920’s Boardwalk Empire wedding. More booze, less Tobey Maguire.

Once I had a general vibe down I knew I wanted an art deco venue. Bingo. City Hall in SF.   The most beautiful building I’d ever seen. We opted for the last wedding of the day at 3pm but the catch was it was on a Tuesday.

While in school a professor once told me that it doesn’t matter what day you throw your wedding on. If people love you they will come. It was true. Out of the thirty-four people we invited thirty were able to make it. People must love me….or they must really LOVE a ton of free booze and really good food.

It’s been two weeks and other than spending way too much time at Crate & Barrel our lives really haven’t changed much. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if we’d waited and had the huge wedding everyone was expecting of us.

Would we know each other better? Would we be better suited to staying together in the long haul?   I really doubt it. I hate the saying “when you know…you know” but unfortunately it’s true. I waited a long time for someone like my husband to come along and I honestly think it wouldn’t have been so easy to plan a wedding so quickly if he wasn’t the right person.

I’m glad I went the less traditional route. Waiting is not something I’ve ever been good at and I doubt there will ever be a day where I wish that I had. It was and always will be my best hasty decision.

photo credit: Chantel Elder

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