The New Kru

By Kelly Conroy

Kelly Rathburn Conroy
Kelly Rathburn Conroy

Kru has always been the restaurant I recommend to out-of-towners, someone planning a romantic date, and really anyone looking for a delicious and impressive place to eat in Sacramento. The food at Kru one-ups every other sushi slinging establishment in town and comes with a slightly upscale vibe that makes you feel just the right amount of swanky. So, when GOTG was invited to the soft opening of Kru’s new location at 3135 Folsom Blvd., I jumped at the chance to get a sneak peek of the new digs.

While the new location is just slightly outside the main grid, it offers much more space and seemingly endless versatility. Designed by the immensely talented Whitney Johnson, every corner of the new Kru location is curated to perfection. From the long, meandering sushi bar to the super chic private dining room (doubling as a conference/meeting space) and even down to the mural in the bathroom hallway, it is the perfect balance of calming minimalism mixed with touches of ornate art and décor.


Full disclosure – I don’t eat fish. But, I did bring my sushi-loving husband who happily sampled the small bites of sturgeon and carefully crafted hand rolls before we both dove into the sake tasting (turns out, sake is pretty delicious on its own!). The new location boasts a large bar space, a huge outdoor patio, and a fascinating collection of Japanese whiskey – all to compliment what will surely be the best Japanese food you’ll ever eat in Sacramento.

So hurry up and make a reservation to enjoy the new space yourself!


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