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Favorite Hair Salon/Stylist and Why?

AMELIA:  Kelli Clarke at Salon Paisley has been my go-to for the years. She’s extremely attentive and in tune with both the style I am looking for and what would look good with the shape of my face, my profession, etc. She also does an amazing blonde! Typically I get highlights and a cut every eight weeks.

AMY: I go to Deeda Salon! Paige cuts my hair, and I go to Jackie for esthetician services. I love them both and get tons of compliments on my hair. Angelina, the owner, is awesome. She’s a young mom, entrepreneur and works hard to make sure her stylists stay current. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Health Hamilton at Mosaic Salon
Health Hamilton at Mosaic Salon

ASHLEY R.: I go to Sarah Altieri at Spanish Fly. First and foremost, she is a color expert, so she knows exactly what works with my hair and what will not. (Trust me, she has talked me out of a couple of lame ideas.) She has been covering my gray roots ( for several years now, gave me the ombre style before others in Sacramento were doing it, and I have gotten great compliments on my hair ever since. She’s also a great conversationalist. Sometimes it can be super awkward trying, or not trying, to have a conversation with a hairdresser, but never with Sarah. She is well read, insightful, and deeply sarcastic.

BECKY: I have been going to Angie Perrino at Lush Salon & Spa for six-plus years. She is great with color and knows how to cut my hair so that it can easily be maintained. She knows what will not only work for my hair but will also work best for my personality and lifestyle. I started as a blonde with long hair six years ago and now am a brunette with short hair and bangs. She’s not only a great stylist that keeps up with the trends, and she’s a great person. I would highly recommend her!

CHANTEL: Tania Voochen at Byuti – she is my home-girl and go-to-hair-extraordinaire.  She knows when I need a change and has the guts to tell me when my requested new do will look ridiculous on me ( I wanted to look like Florence from Florence and the Machine and my skin color totally doesn’t support flaming red). She keeps me from making bad decisions but encourages change and updating. She has been in my life almost as long as my husband. Currently Tania keeps my hair dark all over with heavy bangs. Yes, I am on the Zooey Deschanel bandwagon too and love it almost as much as I love Tania.

CHELSEA: I have been lucky to have had the amazing Rachel Marrs as my stylist for over five years now. Just over a year ago, she took off on her own and opened The Banyan Tree on S Street and I couldn’t be more proud of her, or more impressed with her staff of boss stylists. On a whim and hoping to channel my own Claire Underwood, I asked Rachel to chop my hair from a bob to a pixie last year, and boy did she come through. I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair! Rachel FTW! And not only do I love my hair every time, I cherish my time in Rachel’s chair, where we catch up on each other’s lives and swap travel stories. Rachel rules!     

DANIELLE: I’m a little bit obsessed with Eric Torneros from Deeda Salon . He listens intently for what I want and is just the right amount of bossy. For example, I don’t have to look through 97 shades of brown to try to figure out which is the dark mocha that I saw on Pinterest, Eric can look at my picture and figure out the right shade in a minute. He does a great job making sure that each cut will work with my curls with the least amount of effort on my part. I will definitely keep going back, and can’t wait for an excuse to try his makeup services.

JAMIE: Mine is a tie between Caitlyn Sweeney at AJF Salon and Heath Hamilton at Mosaic Salon & Spa. I alternate between the two for incredible haircuts (and complimentary therapy sessions, usually accompanied by a glass of champagne). Caitlyn is a genius when it comes to color, and Heath gives the best blowouts in Sacramento – and possibly America.

KEARSTEN: I have been going to Annie Pizzo at Maverique Style House for years. She has successfully taken me from blonde to dark brown and back again. She is always honest with me about what will work and what won’t work with my hair type and always makes sure I am happy with the results. I see her every five to six weeks, depending on schedule, for color and cut/trim. She is amazing and I can’t say enough good things about her!

KIRA: Nearly a year ago, I was in need of a new hair stylist. I had a gift card to Maverique Style House so I gave them a call: “Who is your most recommended stylist?” is what I said to the nice girl who answered the phone, “who is going to make me want to come back to her for life?” Her answer was Annie Ockwig, and she couldn’t have been more right. I go to her for haircuts (I have long hair at the moment) and complimentary bang trims! If I ever get bold enough to try some color I would trust her more than any other stylist I’ve ever had. She’s freaking awesome, super nice, and not afraid to express her opinion about what we should do with my cut.

Angelina at Deeda Salon
Angelina at Deeda Salon

LAINE: I have been going to the same hairstylist for well over a decade – Rosanna Difuntorum at Envy Salon (I love her, she’s amazing).  The salon location is a strike for sure as it’s in DEEP Elk Grove, but well worth the mileage.  Rosanna is great with all hair, but especially if you have thick hair like me (or really unruly curls or waves like my mom).  Her real craft, however, is coloring (highlights, balayage, etc.) the lady is seriously a magician with how she makes her coloring look so natural!  

LAURA: Three-way tie: Taylor Kunkle at Alchemy Salon, Tania Voochen at Byuti or Heath Hamilton at Mosaic Salon & Spa. All are amazing, have become dear friends and can give you whatever look you desire. Typically I get partial highlights (I’m blonde…well, I am after a visit to these peeps) and a trim/layers, and Tania and Heath have produced some amazing blowouts and updo styles (without looking prom-ish) for fancier events. BONUS: All three salons serve complimentary alcohol and have a laidback atmosphere.

LISA P.: I’ve been going to Johnathon Thompson at J. Thompson Salon longer than I’ve known most of my Sacramento friends. He’s been my hairdresser since I moved to Sacramento more than 10 years ago. He helped me get away from my bleach blonde college look to a dark blonde and eventually a light brunette, as well as into a professional and sophisticated hairstyle. A number of my friends go to him now too, which I think speaks volumes. I haven’t seen anyone do better color and he gives a great cut too.

MARLISSA: The minute I walked into Deeda Salon I knew I was at the right place. Walking in you feel like you’ve just walked into an Anthropologie store. They also have an offshoot of Cuffs Clothing Store. So, you can shop while getting pretty. Angelina, the owner, cuts my hair. But, all of their stylist seem like they are good!

MEGAN: I’ll give a third to Tania Voochen over at Byuti. I’ve been going to her for almost seven years and will not let anyone else touch my hair. I’ve gone to her with long and short and it always turns out right. It’s also effortless to get her to understand what you want. At this point I give her a general length and layers most of the time. The biggest compliment I can give her is it always grows out well. I’m getting compliments the whole time, even when I know I desperately need a cut.

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