Orangetheory Fitness Opens in Midtown Sacramento

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By Megan White

Looking for a way to mix up your workout routine and burn calories for up to 36 hours after class? Then the latest studio on the Sacramento fitness scene has the answer to your workout prayers.

Orangetheory Fitness just opened their newest location at the corner of 29th and K Streets in midtown Sacramento.

Step into the studio and you are greeted by incredibly friendly staff and a positive energy that makes your workout endorphins kick in even before you step on the treadmill.

Science backs this workout format, which mixes intervals with bursts of weight training to maximize your hour-long session.

Before class begins every person is set up with a heart rate monitor that they wear on either their wrist or chest. Each monitor is synced up with a square on the screens located throughout the studio. The focus of the class is to get your heart rate into the various ranges throughout class to maximize your workout and effectively burn calories not only during class, but long after.

Each class is led by a coach that guides the group through a series of different internal activities. Everyone starts out on a treadmill and goes through cycles of jogging, running, and small bursts of sprinting.


Not a runner? No problem. Just walk at a brisk pace on an incline followed by a slower walk at a lower incline.

How do you know if you’re getting the most out of your session? Well this is what sets Orangetheory apart from other workouts. Based on the call outs from the instructor, each person aims to have their square on the screen light up in a specific color based on their heart rate.

When your square is green you are working out at your base level, with a heart rate at between 71% to 83% of your maximum. When the coach yells out “push,” your goal is to have your square change from green to orange, meaning you’ve hit 84% to 91% of your maximum heart rate. And when the instructor calls for “all out,” everyone kicks it up making their square change from orange to red, which indicates you are at 92% of your maximum heart rate.


The beauty of this workout is that you aren’t competing to outpace the person beside you, but instead to maximize your heart rate during burst and bring it back down during active recovery.

The training, commonly know as High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is proven to kick your calorie burning into overdrive. And although it’s intense, it’s also for all fitness levels.

“I’ve had a former professional basketball player working out beside a 75-year old woman, and both were getting an amazing workout perfect for their fitness level,” said Lysandra Williams, head trainer at Orangetheory. “This workout is truly for everyone because each person is getting constant feedback on their heart rate so they know if they need to push a little more, stay where they are, or back off a bit.”

After the burst of cardio on the treadmill, the group rotates to an area of the studio with a mix of free weights, medicine balls, and TRX bands. The instructor runs through the series of quick workouts the group will do to build muscle and target those problem areas we all want to tone up. Get lost once time starts? Screens above the weight floor have a video that loops the series showing perfect form for each move.

Once you complete the series in the weight area, it’s off to the rowing machines for another burst of cardio. All the while, energetic music to keep you moving is filling the room.


“You truly get everything in an hour,” notes Kirk Pearson, the studio manager. “No two sessions are the same, so boredom isn’t an issue. Thanks to to the screens, everyone is getting the perfect workout based on their specific level of fitness. The results are amazing.”

After each session, everyone receives an email or printout that summarizes their accomplishments from the workout that day, and their progress over time.

After a few sessions at Orangetheory Fitness, aka OTF to the regulars, people see weight loss, muscle gain, and overall improvement to their cardiovascular health. 

“I’ve seen complete transformations,” said Lysandra. “Everyone needs a little OTF in their life.”

Interested in trying Orangetheory?

Give them a call at 916-836-8383 for more information and try out a session for free (parking is covered too!). They are open 7-days a week, between the hours of 5:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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