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By The Editors

Meet Elizabeth Axelgard. She is a Mother of two, real estate agent extraordinaire and ….race car driver. Some women really can do it all! It is no secret that Sacramento is having a moment, so naturally owning a home in our lovely capital city is on a ton of peoples “To Do” lists. We caught up with Elizabeth to chat about how she got into the business of selling homes,  advice and trends in the Sacramento real estate world, and the best place in Sac to grab some breakfast fried rice.


How did you first get involved in Real Estate? 

If you ask my mother, I sold my first home unofficially when I was about four and convinced my Aunt she had to buy a place by refusing to leave! I actually got around to making it official in 2008. 

Were you always in real estate? What other industries have you worked in and how did you know when to make the leap/jump to something new? 

My first career was as a fashion model in New York with Wilhelmina. I later decided I liked to eat and became an actress, which unfortunately only allowed me to consume an extra carrot or two so after a stint on Miami Vice and some B films. I went skiing in Tahoe, met my “wasband”, got married and ended up in Sacramento.

What to do in Sacramento? Well, I’ve always loved cars and decided I wanted to sell them. I had a wonderful career in the luxury car business for almost twenty years working my way all the way to the top as the General Manager for Land Rover Rocklin. It was a fabulous training ground for customer service and the art of negotiating win-win deals. When I told my sons I wanted to make a career change, my oldest son said, “Mom all you do is drag us around to open houses…even when we are on vacation! Why don’t you just sell real estate?” So I did!

What are some of the industries unique trends in Sacramento? 

The favorite trend I’m seeing now in Sacramento driving buyers into our marketplace is the “HIP” factor. Sacramento has started in the last few years becoming…..well… cool! We have fabulous places to eat, great boutiques to shop, a budding nightlife scene, art walks, farmers markets, new companies bringing jobs to the area and younger buyers that can actually start thinking of owning a home. Even if they work as far away as the Bay Area, they can afford to buy more house in the Sacramento area. The dream of home ownership can actually happen here.


For our female audience that might be thinking about purchasing their first home, what would you recommend they do? 

The first thing you ladies need to do is get educated about your buying power. Develop a strategy two years before you think you will actually buy a home. I recommend a game plan involving a qualified mortgage professional. They will help you determine what you need to have in regards to your credit score, down payment, income-to-debt ratios, time on your job and budget for what you want. Knowing what to do before you’re ready to buy and having a pre-approval letter when you start shopping is a must.

You’re a working mother of two – How was it raising children in Sacramento? Any tips for first-time parents? 

I raised both of my son’s here in Sacramento. I think it’s wonderful place for children. To me, it’s  like Goldilocks and the three bears…Just right!

Sacramento offers variety, affordability, diversity and stability. My top tips for raising children into productive adults……consistency and reasonable boundaries. Children feel much more secure knowing the rules. Having expectations of them and their behavior is a good thing. I see many young parents afraid to actually parent and instead trying be friends thinking it’s cooler to be more laid back. Being a parent is by far the toughest and best job I have ever had. I know striking a balance is definitely a daily battle. Don’t be fearful of applying a little pressure. Remember, no pressure, no diamond!  


Philanthropy is very important to you. What are some charitable causes you support in the area and why? 

Giving back is very special to me. Currently, I’m on the Board of Child Advocates of Placer County. I’m a trained court appointed special advocate..aka CASA. CASA’s act as a bridge between the most vulnerable in our community and caring individuals who want to help. CASA’s are in Sacramento as well and provide consistency, mentorship and a voice for children in the court system.

casaI also support Three Strands Global which is an organization doing everything they can to stamp out human trafficking. California unfortunately ranks #1 in the top 5 states in the US for this and that needs to change.

I have a passion for animals and love supporting the SPCA and my other favorite is the Crocker Art Museum. Everyone should have the ability to enjoy the beauty of the museum! 

Favorite Sacramento guilty pleasure? 

Breakfast fried rice from Chargins, Frank always delivers!

How do you like to unwind in Sacramento? 

I have a passion for speed and driving race cars relaxes me so for fun I head to the track or jump in my convertible and drive around looking at properties! 


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  1. Jeanne Mabry says

    Elizabeth is someone who fills a whole room with the force of her infectious personality! She is genuine, kind and hilarious. I have the pleasure of serving with her on Child Advocates of Placer County and she is PASSIONATE about serving the needs of children. Congrats to her on success in life!

  2. Elizabeth Axelgard says

    Jeannie I’m so glad we are getting to work together. You’re a ROCK STAR!!

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