Smoke on the River Returns

By: Kristen Flowerskristenflowers_resize

There’s something intoxicating about the aroma that winds its way out of a grill. Something primal takes over us, our mouths start watering and our stomachs start rumbling. We’re transported back to the days of the caveman, surrounding a spite of roasting meat so good, we later draw it on our cave walls.

Thousands of years later we still find joy gathering around the grill but now we do it with beer in hand and a mission in our heart. The third annual Smoke on the River on Saturday, October 15 provides us an opportunity to do all three things.

For the past few years, Smoke on the River has raised money for the Sacramento Artists Council. The funds from the event support programs for at-risk children, children of homeless families and fund adoption for Sacramento regional school art programs.

Don’t let that warm, fuzzy feeling be the only thing in your belly. Smoke on the River is a state championship and a Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned event. That means attendees can have their voices heard and award one of the 40 Pitmasters during the People’s Choice BBQ award. With 10 breweries in attendance, guests can taste and test and crown a winner of the People’s Choice award for Best Beer and Best Cider.

Because everyone needs a minute between meats, join the one-man corn hole tournament. The entry fee includes a full access ticket, a donation to the Sacramento Artist Council and a chance to take home a prize. The winner will take home a set of corn hole boards, while second and third receive a cash prize.

A full access ticket for $35 + $2.75 convenience fee gets you into the BBQ and Beer tasting. Designated Drivers presale tickets are $20 + $2.75 convenience fee and include BBQ tasting. Don’t wait to get your ticket at the door or all prices increase by $5. Children under 5 are free, and children over 5 need to purchase a BBQ only ticket.

The Sacramento Artist Council in partnership with The Grid Agency will present the Smoke on the River at Miller Park this Saturday, October 15th.


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