GOTG Favorites: Pizza

Fact: Pizza is one of the greatest inventions of the modern world, coming in a close third to the horseless carriage and the light bulb. I mean – we’re talking about a dish consisting of bread, sauce, and cheese that when consumed can make a terrible day or horrible breakup meaningless in comparison. Does it get any better? Actually, yes. (See: toppings.)

In an ode to this miracle food we’ve compiled a list of our favorite local places to grab a slice.

ALANNA: Favorite pizza in Sacramento is a tough one — I have two that top the charts for me depending on my mood. Paesano’s Gorgonzola and Fuji Apple pizza — the combination of tart apples with the saltiness of the cheese is to die for. Matteo’s (Carmichael) The Stu — when I’m hanging out closer to home, this is one of my favorite spots. The Stu is a combination of mushrooms, prosciutto, caramelized onions, Italian Fontina, arugula, and white truffle oil. I’m a sucker for anything that features caramelized onions, cured meats and/or truffle oil.

AMELIA: My favorite pizza is the magnini pizza from Hot Italian. A thin-crust pizza topped with smoked salmon, fresh dill, mozzarella and mascarpone cheese, it’s always super fresh and tasty. I like to squirt a little fresh lemon juice on top or add some sprinkles of red pepper flakes. One of Hot Italian’s small salads on the side completes the meal.

AMY: I’m in love with all the pizza at Masullo (Land Park), but nothing beats the mustapha and a glass of wine at the end of a hard week. As a bonus you can buy the pizza bread at Taylor’s. And I do. Way too often. Close runner up: One Speed.

One Speed in East Sacramento
One Speed in East Sacramento

CHANTEL: Favorite Pizza when I am getting rowdy and slangin’ beers – Uncle Vito’s on 16th. I like their crust  when I am looking for something with a little crunch. Favorite pizza when I want deep dish is Chicago Fire (Chi-Fi) it doesn’t hurt they have the best boneless wings on the planet either and they sell by the slice at lunch time. I must mention Hot Italian when I want “fancy pizza” and Luigi’s on Stockton when I am looking for the best sausage topping. Basically, I. LOVE. IT. ALL.

CRISTINA: Pizza Guys on J street delivers to Chargin’s Bar and Grill…but JUST that location. And no, it has nothing to do with drinking beer at same time.

ERICA: Roma II Pizzeria – they’ll keep refilling your wine glass if there is a long wait.

LAURA: I love the insalata pizzas at Hot Italian, which are essentially salads on top of their amazing oven-fired crusts. You also can’t go wrong with the Fiori pizza (prosciutto parma, mozzarella, mushrooms, tomato sauce, arugula, bariani truffle oil). The ambiance is cool, and the patio is dog-friendly. I also love the Margherita pizza at Federalist Public House. Built out of transformed shipping containers, this spot has a bocce ball court and big picnic tables for groups or meeting new people.

Hot Italian in midtown Sacramento (also dog-friendly!)
Hot Italian in midtown Sacramento (also dog-friendly!)

LEIA: Since I assume someone else has probably recommended my favorite restaurant-style pizza choice, One Speed, I decided to nominate my most frequented, hole-in-the-wall, late-night go-to: Pieces! This, my friends, is some of the finest (drunk) eating available in downtown. So great, in fact, that I’ve gone there (not drunk) for lunch. I mean, they have pizza with bacon. And pizza with pesto in the crust. And we all know nothing tastes better than an amazing slice of pizza after (one too many) beers. Pieces: Bringing Good Vibes and Good Pizza to My Life Since 2013 (and to Sacramento Since 2010).  

LYNDSEY: I would have to say my favorite pizza is breakfast pizza at Hook & Ladder. It has amazing flavors that include chili sausage, roasted potatoes, tomatoes, onions and to top it all off they put two sunny side up eggs on top! YUMMY! This is a great breakfast to share with a friend as well, because the serving is eight  slices. This is something worth trying of you already haven’t. 

JAMEE: Luigi’s on Stockton Blvd has been our go-to pizza place since 2008. In my opinion, it’s practically a Sacramento landmark. Luigi’s has been slangin’ pizza and creating a serious following since 1953. The quality is unmatched and the prices are on point. My favorite is the spicy pepperoni. Best part, they are open until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights. RIP Celso.

Federalist in midtown Sacramento
Federalist in midtown Sacramento

JULIA: My favorite pizza on the grid is the Materazzi from Hot Italian. With pepperoni, olives and fontina, this pizza is absolutely to die for! All the pizzas at Hot Italian get a thumbs up in my book because I love the thin-crust authentic Italian style pizza. Also the pepper infused olive oil drizzled on any of their pizza will make your taste buds burst with joy! If I could, I would seriously bathe in that stuff. Off the grid, Old Town Pizza (Elk Grove) is seriously legit. The owners, Jamie and Dave, are fixtures on the grid and they have always dreamed of opening their own pizza spot. A couple years ago they took over Old Town Pizza and have turned the place into a great local hangout. Dave does an amazing job of concocting mouth-watering pizza creations and Jamie keeps the beer taps full of incredible craft brews. It is definitely worth leaving the grid for this place!

KEARSTEN: The Josh at Selland’s Market and Cafe.

KELLY: One Speed, because when you can get potatoes, goat cheese, and salsa verde all on one pizza, you know you’ve found truly good pizza, my friend. One Speed has all the quaint adorableness of East Sac combined with seriously top shelf food (and cider!). Plus, the pizza is so fresh and handmade that it doesn’t translate into leftovers super well, which just means you get a free pass to eat the entire thing right out of the wood burning oven. Bicycle up Folsom Boulevard and order some bruschetta to hold you over while you drool over the menu and try to pick just one pizza to order. Better yet, bring friends and eat them all!

KELLIE: My dad’s from New York and my pizza allegiances lie there (as do my football allegiances!) so I was brought up with New York style cheese only being the only way to go. Locally, that means Giovanni’s on Folsom Blvd.

Giovanni's on Folsom
Giovanni’s on Folsom

MEGAN: One of my favorites that’s just a little different is Roundtable’s Maui Zaui. The sauce they use make it far better than any other Hawaiian pizza I’ve had. For another style, I go for Chicago Fire‘s deep dish and almost always order out. Or if you want to dine in make sure to call and out your deep dish order before you drive over.

MEGHAN: Pizza is my downfall food. I love it all so it’s hard to choose.  I love Hot Italian and Pizza Rock, Selland’s Market and Cafe and more. That said, my heart is definitely with Ciro’s as my all-time favorite place to get pizza. I love everything about their pizzas, but the classic Mountain Top is definitely a favorite go-to. So yummy!

MICHELLE: One Speed: Rick’s pizza.

RACHEL: Original Pete’s. And no, I will not start calling it “Pete’s” as suggested by their sign. I refuse to accept any changes that they’ve made from when I was seven, playing with (and probably eating) the raw pizza dough at the table with my family. This place holds a special place in my heart and not because it’s a family tradition and we have a lot of memories there, but because their crust and ranch are on serious effing point. They don’t have an open bar, but they do have wine so not all is lost. Another A+ for me is Chi Fi (Chicago Fire). Good pizza, even better wings. Plus, they have vodka.

LAINE: I tend to only do pizza late night (after a few beers) so my go-to’s are Pizza Rock, Quatro Formaggi or Pieces Pizza by the Slice Pesto Pizza.  Soooooo good!  

Hock Farm in downtown Sacramento
Classic Margherita Pizza at Hock Farm in downtown Sacramento

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