Ready for Fall (Because It Means Halloween!)

By Meghan Sullivan

Meghan Sullivan
Meghan Sullivan

On Wednesday, despite the boiling temperatures, it is officially fall. The leaves are falling (nevermind that it’s because the trees are dying from the drought) and the weather will eventually cool down.  So, I’m in full fall mode. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. There’s a reason there are so many memes about boots and pumpkin spice and the like.

But for me, fall isn’t just about the boots and sweaters, Apple Hill, and pumpkin everything. It’s about HALLOWEEN! And if you want to do Halloween right, you should be thinking about it now. I’ve always been a big fan of Halloween.  And as such, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Halloween tips and resources.


Plan and shop early. You’ll have more selections available and the extra time to make sure you get your costume just right. Also, by costume shopping early you’ll be able to visit Evangeline’s before the crush of people makes you claustrophobic. And you can get fabric cut without waiting an hour to have your number called to be helped. Besides Evangeline’s, I also love to check out Cheap Thrills and Prevues Peekaboo Lounge for unique pieces too.



Thrift shops and dollar stores are often overlooked when it comes to themed decorations (and costumes too). Both often have a lot of cool new knick knacks, trinkets, and decorations to help turn your abode into the spooky haunt it deserves to be.

For Halloween, homemade decorations can be extremely effective. Cheesecloth and packing tape can go a long way (think egg sac and floating ghosts and spider webs). Pinterest is a Halloween lover’s best friend. You should see the cool floating heads, flowers with eyeballs, and various creatures you can make?

Food and Drink 

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. (And some Martha Stewart for good measure). And when in doubt, add some pumpkin spice! But in all seriousness, there are two ways to do Halloween food and beverages – go for the creep factor (peeled grapes, breadsticks that look like fingers, blood-like drinks) or go for the class factor (this generally involves fall food groups: pumpkins, apples, squashes). Either way, you’re bound to have a delicious gathering.Cookies and decorations for Halloween, view from the top


With a little bit of planning and the right amount of time, you can create the Halloween of your dreams (nightmares?). Are you a Halloween fan too? What tips or tricks do you have? Don’t be afraid to talk Halloween with me (but only if you can handle my unbridled excitement about it). I want to know all your scary or not so scary plans!



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