GOTG Friday Faves: 9/16/16

By Danielle Ball

Danielle Ball
Danielle Ball

Every Friday, we share our favorite local/general and national/lady content from the previous week. This gives us a chance to dive into thought provoking pieces, as well as cheerlead our fave local bloggers.

Dig in, and get your read on!



This is Bubbles, a 3-year old Chihuahua. Likes; watching Bob’s Burgers, playing in the yard, daydreaming in sun spots. Dislikes; skunks, loud environments, prosciutto. Contact Front Street for more information.




  • “Shine Theory”: How Women are plugging the Gender Gap. (BBC)
  • Kristen Bell Has The Cheap Labor Your Company Has Been Looking for: WOMEN! (Huffington Post)
  • Teen Creates an App so Bullied Kids Never Have to Eat Alone Again! #GirlsInTech ! (NPR)
  • The H.M.S. Terror has been found. History buffs are excited, TV execs are not.
  • Your favorite Sister Wives have taken their case to the Supreme Court.
  • Apparently Cosmo writes about more than diet tips and ways to please your man. The recent interview with Ivanka Trump is making headlines and it’s not because of what she says about penises.
  • Move over Taylor Swift, 12 year old Grace VanderWaal has ALL the talent AND now a million Dollars. (CNN)



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