GOTG Favorites: Sacramento Craft Beer/Brewery

A series by Girls on the Grid where we give shout out’s to our favorite [INSERT CATEGORY] around Sacramento. We love to support our local entrepreneurs and businesses. Please feel free to leave your recommendations or suggest categories by leaving a comment below!

AMY: Beer makes you fat and so I never drink it. Just kidding. Not really. But! When I do indulge I really enjoy going to Track 7. I grew up in Chico and the space reminds me a lot of early 1990s Sierra Nevada.

CHANTEL: Track 7 (T7)  is my all time favorite. True, it is a bike ride/ walking distance from my house but this place has legit beer too. As someone that is always a little late to a scene, T7 introduced me to the craft beer movement in general and got me used to the bold flavors of beer that the Budweiser my dad would drink after yard work just didn’t provide. If you see me there on any given day with my husband I will likely be raising my Bee Line Blonde to his Panic IPA.

CHELSEA: While I’m a wine girl at heart, we all know that our Sacramento summers require cold beverage on sunny patios. My go-to is Oak Park Brewery, with its huge outdoor space and delicious brews. I’m a fan of anything Belgian. I also love that there are always plenty of pooches on their patio. I will admit, however, that in all the times I’ve been to OPB, I have yet to actually go inside. So if you need deets on the inside digs, I’ll have to go do some additional research. Until then, you can find me sunning on the patio with a glass of their Lilly White Belgian Whit Bier.

FullSizeRender (3)
Fieldwork (Chantel Elder)

KELLY: Two Rivers Cider. I know it’s not technically beer, but it’s pretty close and it’s damn delicious. You can try seasonal flavors like pomegranate and watermelon, or go for the classic dry oak cider and you can even bring home a growler full of your favorite! The new tasting room is nestled in the Hollywood Park neighborhood and, while small, is full of games, toys, and a very friendly tasting room dog. It’s my favorite place to meet friends and enjoy cool, bubbly sips!

LAINE: I’m a big fan of quite a few breweries in town, but I have to give some major love to newbie brewery Sactown Union. Tucked away over by Sac State on 1210 66th Street, they’ve got a HUGE and very comfortable tasting room with some great brews (my personal favorite brew is the Coffee Oatmeal Stout “Carpe Noctem” which is a dark beer that’s made with cold-press coffee beans from Chocolate fish). Also, their “Revolutionary Series” beers donates to local non-profits related to each beer’s namesake which is pretty awesome (for instance their “First Responder” Helles Lager proceeds are split evenly between the Sacramento Firefighters Burns Institute and the Bruce Verhoeven Foundation, which supports the families of Police Officers who have fallen in the line of duty.)

Mandarina at Fieldwork Brewing Company (Facebook)
Mandarina at Fieldwork Brewing Company (Facebook)

LAURA: I’m really digging everything about one of the new(er) kids on the block: Fieldwork Brewing Company. The location (18/Capitol), branding and beer menu are on point. You like tart? Try the Mandarina Saison. Wine lover? Try the Petit Verdot Grand Gose, which also tastes of leather and tobacco.

MEGAN: While I love exploring all the new places popping up around Sacramento, Jackrabbit Brewing Company continues to be my favorite. They introduced me to the Saison style of beer, which I now drink religiously and theirs is still a favorite. On top of that, their tasting room is perfect for relaxing in and loses a little of the industrial feel that can come along with many of the breweries. Plus you can relax out on their patio with your favorite pup on a sunny day.

Two Rivers Cider


Track 7 (Facebook)
Track 7 (Facebook)

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