Mini Delights in Sacramento

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Megan White

By Megan White (Guest Blogger)

We’ve all been there. Your healthy eating is on point, but your chocolate craving is going on day three. How do you calm the urge without blowing your calorie budget?

I say go for the best and keep it small.

Thankfully, in Sacramento we have a few eateries that provide the perfect fix in mini portions.

About A Bite

The name says it all. This adorable shop at 1200 K Street has mastered small indulgences.

Their signature item is the Bite, a cross between a cookie and candy, covered in chocolate. They also have Bars, which are layers of complimentary flavors, and Between Two Cookies, two mini cookies with delicious creamy centers.

Each of these desserts come in countless flavor combinations. From the Rosemary Salted Carmel Bite to the Cherry Chocolate Streusel, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

About A Bite_Small Size

Devine Gelateria

Craving ice cream, but know if you buy a pint, it’s as good as gone? Then you are in for a double calorie saver at Devine Gelateria at 1221 19th Street in Midtown Sacramento.

First, portion control isn’t an issue when it’s portioned for you. The small cup is a size that doesn’t feel small and will definitely satisfy. Even the medium cup isn’t going to send you into sugar overload.

Second, they specialize in gelato, which has less fat than ice cream. At Devine, they use more milk than cream, resulting in their gelato being 50-60 percent lower in fat than the typical ice cream.

Added bonus, you’ll never get bored with the flavor offerings. They are constantly rotating in different gelatos so you can find a new favorite every time.

Can’t decide between About A Bite and Devine Gelateria? Then get ready for even better news. About A Bite serves Devine gelato, so you can get a scoop of gelato and bite. Or go for the all-in-one and get a mini gelato cookie sandwich. Total dessert bliss.

Devine_Small Size

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

You can’t highlight the best mini desserts in Sacramento without including the one and only Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates. There is a reason why so many people are walking around midtown with a beautiful Ginger Elizabeth bag in hand and a huge smile on their face.

From chocolate to ice cream sandwiches, the store features endless possibilities. However, if you’re looking for two tastes that hit on all levels, go for a piece of their handcrafted chocolate and a macaron.

If you walk into their shop at 1801 L Street and feel overwhelmed by all the beautiful confections, no worries. The friendly staff are happy to help. Just tell them your favorite flavors and they will most certainly recommend something that will make your day.

So next time you need a sweet treat, don’t deprive yourself. Take a trip to the grid and enjoy one of the abundant mini delights offered by our local specialty shops.

Ginger Elizabeth_Small Size

Megan White is part of the media relations team for the CalPERS Investment Office. As the largest public pension fund in the United States, the Investment Office manages a portfolio valued at approximately $305 billion. Due to the size and diversity of assets in the portfolio, Megan works with global financial media organizations.
Outside of work, Megan enjoys trying out Sacramento restaurants and traveling with her husband, Rob. She has two amazing stepkids, who are both away at college, but she keeps up with them between their visits to home thanks to calls, texts, and Snapchat.
Megan loves physical activity, taking a spin class at TEAMride almost every morning and a local barre class on many afternoons. She also enjoys writing for her blog- where she posts every weekday on a variety of topics, from healthy living, to food, to travel.

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