Chill Out: Cold Coffee Drinks To Help You Survive Summer

By Maria Hill

Maria Hill
Maria Hill

We are smack in the middle of Sacramento summer and approaching that point where we begin to daydream about the days where we didn’t work up a sweat walking to pick up lunch.

With no break in the high temps in sight I have rounded up some refreshing and unique beverages available at local cafes that will help you beat the heat. Most of these are only around for the summer months so don’t miss your chance to try them all.

Nitro Cascara Float – Temple Coffee

(K Street Location Only)


Temple’s unique take on the classic float features an ingredient that not many people might recognize on a cafe menu. Cascara is the dried skin from ripe coffee cherries and is typically prepared by steeping in hot water, similar to loose leaf tea, and has a refreshing fruit flavor.

While delicious on it’s own Temple has taken cascara to the next level and nitrogenated this delicious elixir, the result is a beverage that is slightly effervescent and has a creamy, smooth mouth feel. We all know a float would not be complete without ice cream, but in another unique choice Temple has paired the nitro cascara with white peach strawberry sorbet from Devine Gelateria in Midtown making this summer cooler dairy free!

Other drink options you won’t want to miss:

  • Nitro Cold Brew Floats, pair the house-made nitro cold brew with your choice of three different gelato flavors.
  • Affogato: A double shot of espresso served over a giant scoop of gelato. Pro-tip: go with the decaf espresso if you are ordering this as a late night treat (their K street location is open until 11pm).

Soul Tea – Old Soul Coffee


This drink tastes as fantastic as it looks. Lychee scented tea from Red Blossom Tea company in San Francisco is mixed with Blue Diamond almond milk, house-made peppermint rose syrup, and topped with a fresh mint sprig. Soul Tea is equal parts creamy and refreshing, perfect for those triple digit days.

Other drink options you won’t want to miss:

  • Lavendar lemonade, Old Soul sources their lavender from Sacramento High.

Nitro Coffee – Chocolate Fish Coffee


Dubbed “morning beer” the nitro coffee from Chocolate Fish definitely makes you look twice when it is poured into a glass. Many nitro coffees are made through a cold brew method where coffee grounds steep overnight in a refrigerator, but for their version Chocolate Fish uses a method call flash brewing where where hot coffee is brewed directly over ice to cool it instantly.

This type of preparation allows more of the aromatic flavors and vibrant acidity from the coffees to come through. The result is a coffee drink that has creamy mouthfeel with fruity, slightly sweet flavors. Served in a tulip glass your brain will say beer, but your tastebuds will think mmmmmm coffee.

Other drinks options you won’t want to miss:

  • Iced coffee (also prepared using the flash brew method).
  • Cascara tea.

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