#TBT Remember the 90's

By Christie Goodfellow

Christie Goodfellow
Christie Goodfellow

Trying to write an article about 90’s nostalgia is hard.  Like keeping a Tamagotchi alive hard.   Or trying to guess which one of your bitch ass friends is going to fall out of the wagon and break her arm in Oregon Trail hard.  

Do I discuss my obsession with jelly sandals? And not only jelly sandals but blue platform jelly sandals that I insisted on wearing with overalls…and not just any overalls but ones with peace signs and hippie daisies embroidered on them.  

You may say “Christie…you were twelve. Why were you dressing like a five year old?”  To which my reply is…I totally sexed it up with a half top under my overalls and wore my left strap down because I was single.  Beware 8 grade JNCO wearing hotties…I’m slapping on some Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper lip gloss and I’m coming for ya.  

All kidding aside I honestly can’t decide if I was the pinnacle of fashion in the 90’s or just a really badly done 90’s cliché.  Like am I Cher or Amber?  Or even worse…am I Six or Blossom?  Or even worse…what if I’m Andrea from 90210?  No one wants to be Andrea.  Kelly or Donna all the way.


There a few things that have certainly come back from the 90’s and in a totally good way.  Doc Martens with a flannel and a cute cutoffs?  Holler at me Kylie Jenner cause you have that look down.

Camouflage cargo pants with a huge wallet chain?  Maybe not so much.  The only thing that cargo pants are good for are keeping your Magic the Gathering cards if you’re lame or your pog slammer if you’re awesome.  For the record my pog slammer was a holographic magic eight ball bought at Tribal Weaver in Auburn.   Full disclosure…I also bought my puka shell necklace and hemp friendship anklet at the same time.  Oh and incense because I WAS Neve Campbell in The Craft. That fucking sandalwood though.  Blehhhhhh.  What was I thinking?

Christi Goodfellow in all he 90's glory!

As a tween and then teen in the 90’s I know I’ve pretty much experienced the full spectrum of what was in and am even more sad to say I am probably an expert on all things Wet n Wild and scrunchee related.  

Did I own banana clips? Yep. My sister may have owned every treasure troll ever made which she got at her 10th birthday party at Sierra Skate in Auburn (there’s nothing like slow skating to a Boyz II Men song with your crush am I right?)  I’m also pretty sure we gave out slap wraps and Orbitz soda as party favors and if we didn’t we sure should have.    


The 90’s were great.  Like totally fab…like all that and a bag of chips…like the bomb.com…like well you get it.  I say dig out those t-shirt rings and spandex and rock your best side pony for a day. You’ll remember how awesome it was to have a crush on Dylan in his Porsche or possibly Zack Morris but only as front man for Zack Attack.  You are a 90’s diva.  You’re Donna Martin and as we all know…Donna Martin Graduates.


Then and NOW

Mariah Carey Music Box    vs   Beyonce Lemonade
It Couple: Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale   vs   It Couple Taylor Swift and well….
Fanny Packs for all your treasures   vs   Crossbody bags for your phone
Pogs   vs   Cards Against Humanity
Mario Kart   vs   Pokemon Go
Wet N Wild   vs   Urban Decay
Side Pony with 7 scrunchies   vs   Fishtail and crown braids
TGIFshows (who doesn’t love Urkel?)   vs   GOT Sundays (Winter is here)
Spandex and oversized tees   vs   High waisted shorts and crop tops
Lollapalooza   vs   Coachella

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