Geek Girl on the Grid and Not at San Diego Comic Con

By Meghan Sullivan

Meghan Sullivan
Meghan Sullivan

So if you’re like me and didn’t manage to score those coveted passes to Comic Con International San Diego this year, you’ll be home and/or at work pining away for all the madness you’re missing. Luckily, you don’t need to miss it all entirely. There are a lot of great resources to keep you stay up-to-date about everything going down in San Diego during the convention.

Your first resource is, of course, the official Comic Con website and the app. From here you can find the programming guide and the guests scheduled to appear.  It’s a huge show filled to the brim with happenings. Whether you are in attendance or not, it helps to check out the programming guide and focus your attentions on what you are most interested in.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the news coming out during the show.  

New this year, courtesy of the brand new streaming service Comic Con HQ, you will be able to watch panels (minus the exclusive studio film footage of course – but don’t stress that usually pops up shortly after the debut at the show).  This new streaming service has affordable plans, but it’s also in a free Beta period through July 24th (the last day of the convention), so there’s really no excuse not to try it out and catch some of the panels.  I should also note, Comic Con HQ also has original programming and a variety of movies and tv shows, including classic cult hits (The Avengers or Alf anyone?). But let’s be honest, I subscribed to see the Comic Con panels.


Comic Con is arguably the biggest pop culture convention in the world so all the major news media and entertainment outlets will likely have stories and tidbits about the big film and television announcements made at the con. However, I prefer to get those tidbits from sites with a more nerdy spin. My go-to sites include:

Then of course there are the go-to sites related to specific interests:

Whatever your favorite show/movie is…they probably have an IG or Twitter and will post updates before, during, and after their panel…a lot of shows have “writers” accounts on twitter that are usually gems of information. Along with your favorite show/film, follow some of your favorite creators (actors, writers, artists, directors, etc.) if you aren’t already following them.

Some of the venues have their own social media too. The Hilton Bayfront Hotel, which has a lot of official Comic Con programming, has Snapchat and Instagram as does the Horton Grand and the San Diego Convention Center.

There’s also a whole bunch of really amazing, geeky people who will be in attendance. I follow these people year-round, but their feeds get especially interesting during the Con.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

And of course you can always search the go-to hashtags on all social media channels during the life of the convention (and afterwards too).

#sdcc #sdcc2016 #sandiegocomiccon #comiccon

With all these great resources, maybe it’s better to stay home instead of spending a grand or more on a hotel, crying because you just missed getting that autograph or into a panel, and being squashed by the masses of people, right? Nah! It’s always better to be there. But until next year, these resources will just have to do.

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