Worth It: Le tote

By Jamee Villa

Jamee Villa
Jamee Villa

Le, what? Le Tote. Have you heard of it? It’s an amazing and super easy on the budget unlimited monthly clothing subscription. I am on month four and have been extremely satisfied.

I originally saw an advertisement on Facebook about this service so I thought I would give it a try.  I love to shop; however, I have to limit the times my husband sees Nordstrom pop up on the bank statement. I’m really good at swiping that card.

Here’s how Le Tote works:

Select the items you like, they are shipped to you, wear it as long as you want or not at all and return it. Best part, the moment the mail carrier picks up your returned items, a new box is being sent your way. Like as in you send out the box on a Monday and get a new one by Wednesday!

You can add up to three clothing items and two accessories per box with the ability to add more for a small fee. With brands such as House of Harlow and Free people, you can be sure there is something that will catch your eye!

Le Tote offers many styles and fits which is great as it offers options for us all.


While it may be similar to Stitchfix, the two services are very different. With Le Tote, you can control what you receive and you have the option to wear the items as many times as you want before returning. No purchase necessary other than your monthly subscription fee.

Each box that I have received has come with items that I have chosen. Some of these items I choose for upcoming events or just regular everyday wear. I try to swap 3-4 boxes per month so I have a constant rotation of new clothesand again, I am not breaking the bank.

Here are the items from my last two boxes, cute right?

image image (1)

Pro Tip: You will receive an email when your box is being styled; you have 48 hours to make changes to your five items. You can then log into your account and swap out anything you don’t like for something else. This is typically what I do if I see something else I would rather have. (Example: if you know you want a dress for an upcoming event, you can swap out what you’re slated to receive for three dresses and matching accessories, giving you a bit more power over your selections. I did this for a recent wedding and saved myself countless hours in a dressing room on my lunch break.)


  • No commitment, no hassle and no agonizing over price or whether or not to keep certain items.
  • Flat rate of $50/month, no matter how long you keep things, how many times you wear an item or how many times you exchange things. Free Shipping!
  • Amazing customer service!
  • You can choose to purchase any item from your tote at a discounted price just by keeping the item. If you choose to buy the whole tote, you get a month free!
  • Great quality brands!


  • The items you receive are not new and have been worn by others. Everything’s been washed and cleaned, but the clothes are not new. If there is some wear and tear on the items, refer to Pro #3. Email customer service about said item and they will remove it and ensure you are satisfied moving forward.
  • You may not always get what is exactly in your closet profile so make sure to review the tote before it is sent to you.


GOTG Readers: Enter the code GIRLSONTHEGRID at checkout for a 20% discount! The code expires 7/30, so make sure you sign up before then!


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