Pop Culture Conventions Really Are for Everyone

By Meghan Sullivan

Meghan Sullivan

Several years ago, I decided I wanted to attend Wonder Con (it’s essentially Comic Con International San Diego’s little sibling – slightly smaller but just as awesome). The convention was in Anaheim that year.

My family and I are huge Disney nerds that will take anything as an excuse to head to Disneyland. So with that motivating factor, I dragged my mom and my aunt down to SoCal with me.

My mom decided to buy a pass to attend the convention. My aunt did not think she needed one (but my mom bought her one anyway). The two of them seemed content to just people watch (we all love costumes), but I took them into the exhibit hall.

And it took everything to drag them back out again.

IMG_4768They spent hours and hours browsing the aisles and shopping. They loved seeing the enthusiasm and craftsmanship that went into so many intricate cosplays. They loved the convention. They both ended up attending the next couple years. We missed WonderCon this year (it was in LA). But it returns to Anaheim again next year and they are already looking forward to a return appearance.

The point of this little anecdote is to illustrate that Comic Conventions really are for everyone. They aren’t just about comics. They are about so much more!

Where else can you find a guy dressed as Jack Nicholson’s Joker from Tim Burton’s Batman followed by a henchman with a boom box playing the Joker’s song and several other costumed people dancing around with them? And where else can you go dressed as anything you want?

As Wizard World makes its return to Sacramento this weekend, I encourage you to attend and see what it has to offer. You don’t have to be a fan of comics or costumes or anything in particular, you just need to be willing to go and have a good time.

Go represent your fandom and your creativity, whatever that may be. Or just go and enjoy seeing everyone else.

Wizard World Sacramento includes:

  • Appearances by Haley Atwell (Agent Carter), Sebastian Stan (Captain America: Winter Soldier), Big Show (WWE), Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings), Reggie Jackson (Baseball Hall of Famer) and more
  • Costume contests for both adults and kids
  • All day free play at Coin-Op on Saturday, June 18th
  • And some truly exciting panels, including but not limited to:
    • Gargoyles – We Live Again a conversation with series creator Greg Weisman
    • How to Get to Sesame Street with Caroll Spinney, voice of both Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch
    • Foam vs. Thermoplastics: The Great Armor Debate
  • And so much more!

So take a chance and come join me (and lots of others) this weekend at Wizard World. You can even get 50% off your admission using the following promo code: SACBLOG16

TICKETS: https://wizardworld.ticketleap.com/sacramento/dates/Jun-17-2016_at_0300PM

What do you have to lose?!


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