My Milk + Honey Mission

By Michelle Sweezey

Michelle Sweezey
Michelle Sweezey


I’ve read three blogs in the last week about knowing when it’s time to quit something. I’ve seen more motivational photos this May on my newsfeed than the average classroom has on its walls in September, and I’ve laughed, maybe a little too hard, at the “suggested for me” work culture memes offered when I’m trying to turn my brain off at night.

I’ve written about it. I’m watching my friends go through it. I’m highly aware that the energy I’m putting out, and therefore the energy, signs, flags, notes, and other electrical signals I’m receiving from the universe, are all telling me:

Let’s get naked.

Not like that. Hush. No, in a let’s strip down the layers, remove the masks, take off the shoulds, coulds, have-to’s, supposed to’s and ought-to’s.  Take off the job title and then decide:


Who’s left after that? Without those attachments, without those certificates, without those lists, what do you want? Who do you want to be? What does your life look like, in freedom?

Not such an easy question really, is it?

So I’ve been doing my work, plugging away at answering those questions, working to get to the root of it, looking at my values, goals, and purpose. Along the way, I read this gem from Stephanie St.Clair about her milk+honey mission.

Stephanie asks:

how am I going to milk the wisdom, goodness, and love out of my life experiences and be honey to the world with it?

And while I may not be able to write my own dream job description just yet (but I’m damn close) I can identify how what I want out of every day. I can tell you what matters to me. I can articulate my milk + honey mission. It looks like this:

My Milk + Honey Mission

My mission, today, and every day, is:

  1. To facilitate growth by sharing my words and my experiences.

  2. To use my time and energy to be of service.

  3. To be an example of strength and grace.

  4. To create laughter and play for myself and others.

  5. To celebrate life.

  6. To share yoga.

  7. To inspire kindness.

  8. To be real, authentic, and wild in my life, and to create experiences that inspire others to do the same.

  9. To listen more than I talk.

  10. To be fucking amazing!

What about you? What honey are you bringing to the world from your life experiences? Care to share?

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