How I CURED my Sacramento Allergies

By Laine Himmelmann

Laine Himmelman
Laine Himmelman

A few months ago I dragged myself to the doctor after several weeks of what I can only describe as complete and total agony.  I imagined that it must have been some sort of flu/bubonic plague hybrid as I felt like my body had become a human cauldron of mucus and even opening my eyes felt utterly exhaustive.

After going to great lengths to describe my symptoms and misery to the great doc, I braced myself to hear what horrible disease I had concocted.  You can imagine my surprise when the doctor simply shrugged, diagnosed me with allergies, and sent me away with a bottle of nose spray that I could have purchased at Safeway.    

Devastated and hopeless, I sniffled my way home desperate to feel like a human being again and griping to anyone I could get to listen.  The next day as I blew my nose over a glass of pinot grigio at a friend’s bridal shower, I once again began my longwinded Sacramento allergy soliloquy until, having heard enough, one guest piped up and suggested what may to date be the single best piece of advice I have ever received – try bee pollen. 

Now before I go any further, I think I should first say that I am not into “hippy dippy” kinds of things.  I don’t do essential oils, I think coconut water smells like those Pyrus Calleryana Trees and tastes disgusting, at 28 years of age I’m still not entirely sure what hemp really is, and I find the vegan lifestyle to be in line with pure and total masochism.  

So when my acquaintance suggested I visit a bee store to purchase locally sourced bee pollen and eat it to cure my allergies, I was skeptical at best.  That being said, I was also desperate to cease being a human vessel of snot, so the next day I traveled to the official “Sacramento Bee Store” (yes this actually exists) and purchased a $10 bag of bee pollen.  

bee pollenIf you’ve never seen bee pollen before, google it.  It’s a bunch of weird yellow balls that kind of taste like flowers and have a consistency of moderately mushy uncooked grain. (so yes, it’s totally delicious)  I took a spoonful, put it in a glass of grapefruit juice, closed my eyes, and threw it down the hatch.

It wasn’t the easiest thing to swallow, but it wasn’t the worst either.  I did it again the next day and then again the next and you know what – it worked!  Astonished as I was, within three days my allergies were completely gone and I had officially become a believer in the great hippy dippy healing powers of bee pollen.  

Since then, I’ve continued to take the bee pollen almost every morning and to date have not experienced a single allergy symptom.  

So here’s the deal, if like me you’re suffering from Sacramento allergies, consider jumping on the hippy dippy train and giving bee pollen a try.  A $10 bag lasted me several months and there are really no cons to taking it because…    

Bee Pollen is actually a power food AND builds your immunity to allergies!   

In addition to being high in protein, as well as antioxidants and vitamins, bee pollen is an anti-histamine (the stuff in over-the-counter allergy products) and helps your body build immunity to the pollen in the air (just like how Edward Jenner used a vaccine containing cowpox to create immunity to smallpox. Eating pollen and putting small doses in your system can help create an immunity to the Sacramento air pollen which makes us oh so miserable every Spring).  

So basically, besides tasting a little weird, this stuff is amazing and I would 100% recommend giving it a try if you’re an allergy sufferer in search of relief.  

Oh and just a reminder, if you’re planning to try bee pollen, like all hippy dippy things, you should BUY LOCAL (but seriously do because locally sourced bee pollen is what will best help you combat your local area’s allergies).  


For local bee pollen in Sacramento visit:

Sacramento Bee Keeping Supplies

2110 X St  Sacramento, CA 95818

Open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-5:30pm


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