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Want to tone up with a quickness before summer vacation starts, but don’t have a lot of time?  We’ve got you covered, girl!

The Lagree Fitness Megaformer workout, which is already super popular in SF/LA/NYC, is finally coming to Sacramento at Instaphysique this month!


Who: Instaphysique2381 Fair Oaks Blvd. Suite 6 Sacramento, CA 95825

What is Lagree Fitness Megaformer?! The Megaformer machine workout combines cardio, strength and flexibility training altogether in just one, efficient, 40-minute workout.

Want to check out what the workout looks like first?  Click HERE

When: Preview the work out by checking out Free classes that are being held all this week starting Tuesday, May 17th, 2016, before the studio officially opens next week. Sign up today for your free community class at and get ready to embrace the shake!

First Impressions by Laura Braden Quigley: I took advantage of their free/intro classes earlier this week, and I swear I’m still sore. The space is clean and bright, and the staff are helpful and unpretentious. They sell plenty of gear if you forget socks and offer all the regular amenities like a water bottle refilling station. The workout was INTENSE. It’s basically a series of traditional exercises (lunges, squats, etc.) on a Pilates machine delightfully coined the “Megaformer”. You’re moving as slow as possible, and within five minutes, my muscles were screaming bloody murder (in a good way). I have arthritis in my feet, but the workout was super low impact and easy on all my joints. I left walking a bit taller…and feeling a bit like a newborn colt with shaky legs. Hard to believe that I got that good of a workout in a mere 40 minutes, but I’m not mad at it. I’ll definitely be back! #SweatLocal

We have to give a shout-out to our very own Girls on the Grid contributors, Erica Castillo and Anna Quinlen who were recently certified Lagree fitness instructors and will be teaching these Megaformer classes at the studio, along with a handful of other amazing female instructors! If anyone knows a good work out it’s our resident fitness bad a** Erica – check out her most recent posts on local boutique fitness studios around town or on her personal blog!

Instaphysique instructors!

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