Keepin' It Real Fitness Review : Forest Vance Training

Erica Castillo
Erica Castillo

By Erica Castillo

#SMEBB 2015 nominee and fitness fanatic, Erica Castillo, is checking out local fitness studios so you don’t have to. Last month she reviewed popular barre studio, The Dailey Method. Up this month, Forest Vance Training in Midtown.

Fitness Studio: Forest Vance Training

Location: 1530 X Street Sacramento, CA 95818


Phone: (916) 273-9366

Hours:  First class usually starts at 6am, last class starts at 6pm

Classes Offered:

  • Bootcamp group class
  • Functional fitness class (semi private group)
  • Personal training

Average Class Size: 8-12 people for bootcamp. 4-6 people for semi private class.

Child Care Offered: No.

Amenities: cubbies, restrooms, street parking. (no showers)

What to Bring: Bring your own towels, water bottle.

Cost:You first session is free. Following the intro offer, pricing is sold in package deals or unlimited monthly memberships. Pricing is not posted online, so email or call them for more details on membership.

Scene: Most of their clientele lives in the nearby, Land Park area. Compared to my previous reviews, I would say this is an older crowd, meaning average age is 40ish, and most of them have been loyal clients for years.

The unique thing about this studio is that everyone made sure to introduce themselves to me either before or after class because they knew I was a newbie!  It was so nice to feel welcomed by this close group, they all really went out of their way to get to know me.

I never felt like anyone was trying to show off or get competitive. In fact, I would say their clientele was probably the most friendly, supportive group of people and they would always encourage me to come back.


Music: Depends on the instructor or the type of class. From old school like Cool and the Gang to EDM, the music can be very random, but I kinda like that.

Facility Appearance: The studio looks small from the outside but it’s spacious on the inside. Minimalistic look, kind of has a warehouse feel to it. It’s got a no bullshit kind of feel, you don’t come to Forest Vance to get dazzled, you just come to work!

Staff: LOVE the staff. Forest and his wife, Gina, who run the studio together are so kind and go the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable in their facility! Cielo, their admin, is SO sweet and welcoming.  Each trainer has their own style of workout, but they were all genuine and laid back, not intimidating at all! It’s really a sweet atmosphere here. (Side note: Forest is a former NFL player, so he knows a thing or two about a good workout!)


Three Reasons You Should Come Here:

  1. This fitness studio is not just a place for bootcamp- If you are looking for a friendly community that will challenge you and keep you accountable, this is the spot for you.  Forest offers meal plans, body fat measurement, personalized workout schedules, and more. He also offers a “28 day rapid weight loss challenges” that provide cash incentives as well.  Keeping it real, I failed miserably at this challenge because I was out of town for two out of those four weeks, but I loved how the participants were encouraging each other through our private Facebook group, offering their weight loss tips with recipes. There is definitely a team effort here, in and outside of the studio.
  2. The bootcamp workouts are never the same- but be sure to expect that stuff you love and hate about bootcamp: pull ups, burpees, push ups, kettlebells.  Forest is really committed to making sure you are in proper form with kettlebell swings.  I’ll be real, I’m a slow learner and it takes me a couple of times to wrap my head around “why” I am doing something in a workout, and Forest was always patient and encouraging when he would correct me during our kettlebell circuit. I had been using kettlebells in other studios and thought I was doing them correctly, but Forrest really set me straight!
  3.  If you are looking for that extra push to get motivated- outside of just working out, this is a wonderful community to be a part of. After your first consult, Forest will make the effort to check in with you via email to ensure you are on the right track with your short term fitness/weight loss goals. Forest sat down with me before my first bootcamp and helped me figure out what I needed to eliminate out of my diet and to recommend incorporating more strength training into my routine.

Where to Start:

I highly recommend starting off with a one-on-one consultation with Forest so you can go over your desired fitness and/or weight loss goals.  But if you just want to drop in for a one-time class to see if you like it.


Want to know more about other studios in Sacramento?

Follow my fitness journey on Instagram at:  kir_fitness or and check out my previous Keepin’ It Real Reviews here.

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