River City Marketplace: A Showcase for Local Artisans

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Ana Manzano

By Ana Manzano (Guest Blogger)

Inspired by the unique, thriving markets in New Orleans, Washington DC and New York,  Mindy Jovanovic launched the first River City Marketplace in Spring 2015 with the vision of giving Sacramento artists an accessible platform to share their work with the community while contributing to the evolving character of our city. The seasonal event has grown to feature over 100 of the Sacramento region’s most talented makers, fine artists and small businesses.

With the market starting its sophomore year on May 14th, Jovanovic recently recruited the help of yours truly to help bring the next phase of her vision to life. As fellow makers and business owners, the driving force behind RCMP efforts has been to craft an event experience that truly showcases Sacramento’s creative community of emerging and established brands alike.

This free event will feature handmade products from across the mediums, including  jewelry and apparel for all personal styles, incredible original art and photography, rare vintage finds, enriching bath and body goods, and whimsical children’s gifts.

Along with the vast marketplace, Fremont Park will be bustling with live music, food trucks, and an interactive kids’ zone, all coming together for a family-friendly afternoon.

Three of our River City Marketplace makers shared what inspires them to build their businesses and what makes Sacramento’s artistic pulse so great.

Omonivie Okhade, owner of tula in bloom

Tula in Bloom

Tula in bloom’s latest collection is making its debut for Spring/Summer 2016 and will be featured at River City Marketplace. It’s made for on-the-go women who want to make a statement that’s both elegant and effortless. The collection is being completed as we speak, so attendees will be among the first to try and buy!

I started my business out of a desire to create a space to express the gifts and qualities I valued most, and to enjoy the freedom of a life on my own terms. My search for purpose and burning desire for self-expression are experiences shared by many, and I want to connect with and encourage others through the work and the stories shared. tula in bloom’s tagline is “find what makes you bloom,” and it is an entreaty for women to discover and reconnect with what brings them joy and to own the beauty of their authentic selves. I’ve been actively creative for the last six years and making jewelry for five.

Why Sacramento: Sacramento is the perfect incubator for emerging talent because the creative community is smaller and close knit; we’re able to learn from each other and grow together with less of the competitive nature of other metropolitan areas. River City Marketplace brings out friends and neighbors, both among the makers and folks in the community who come to shop and support. Simply put, it’s a great combination of work and play!


Cheyenne Penrod, onwer of With My Tribe

Cheyenne PenrodAs a Mom of two little girls (ages 5 & 3), I find new inspirations through watching their wild adventures. I was raised to sew like my mother from an early age and found love in the craft of creating and designing through thread, material and imagination.

While working as a floral designer, I was able to start my first Etsy site, which started as women’s clothing and, naturally as a new Mom, evolved into bibs, onesies, car seat covers and anything baby!

With some success in these endeavors, I have come to find my niche as a designer/ artist. My versatile and quality teepees are one-of-a-kind and make me smile every time I have the pleasure of creating these props of imagination for children to enjoy.

I have FINALLY latched on to a theme of unique Native American-themed clothes, decorations and accessories, which I absolutely love creating and continuously evolve. 

Why Sacramento: I love the culture and art that I have found in Sacramento residents, with plenty left to be discovered. As I tell my husband, “I love meeting people with imagination and enthusiasm for creating”. Events like the River City Marketplace are the perfect venue to release my passion & obsession with what I do. Not only do I get to meet people that are interested in the art and products I make, but I also get the opportunity to meet eccentric, entrepreneurial people like myself.


Lori Easterwood, owner of Make/Do Sacramento

Lori EasterwoodWhy Sacramento: When I moved to Sacramento nine years ago, people would tell me constantly about how great it was that we were so close to San Francisco or Tahoe.  They rarely talked about all the things to love about Sacramento itself.  For me, a great city is made up of people doing great things.  

I’m a librarian, so every day I get to work with organizations helping transform this region and help its citizens succeed.  My shop, Make/Do Sacramento, is a way to be part of Sacramento’s rediscovery of the value of the arts and handmade work.  I’m only a very indifferent maker myself (I rarely stick with a craft long enough to truly master it!), but I deeply appreciate the items that others make.

I’m proud that Make/Do Sacramento can provide an outlet for makers to sell their work and I love participating in River City Marketplace for the same reason—it is a thrill to be a part of such a large showcase of local talent!



River City Marketplace returns to Fremont Park on Second Saturday, May 14th from 11am – 5pm! For more information or to participate in future events, visit the River City Marketplace website or connect with us on social media!


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