Destination Pretty: RapidLash Review

By Amy Thoma

Amy Thoma
Amy Thoma

Welcome to my monthly column where I will deliver beauty news and reviews you can use: what beauty products actually work and are worthy of your investment?

I have a small product and beauty problem. I love all things skin care, beauty, hair product and more. I honestly believe my bathroom has as many products as my hairdresser’s arsenal. But I need and love them all. And, lucky for you, I’ve tried just about everything and voraciously read magazines, blogs and threads detailing what works.

This month: the product you didn’t even know you needed. RapidLash.


RapidLash is a serum you put on your eyelid as you would liquid eyeliner before you go to bed. The package says to use it nightly but I’ve found 3-4 nights per week is plenty.

RapidLash promises to give you long, thick eyelashes that don’t require mascara. They make good on that promise. The results are amazing.

Initially I didn’t think I needed RapidLash. Sometimes I worry we’re all at a race to the bottom to see who can look the most Kardashian (I mean, they are beautiful but we don’t all need to look the same) and felt like I didn’t need to “fix” my eyelashes. But, I have to say, it is really nice to skip mascara if I want.

This part is key: be sure you take off your eye makeup and have clean eyelids. The serum can’t penetrate through makeup or dirt.


After about six weeks of initial use my eyelashes were noticeably longer and ticker. After two years of use, I have to be a little bit careful because they get so long and thick, it’s awkward. In fact, a woman at the Bobbi Brown counter last week told me to, “tone down the mascara and by tone down I mean maybe don’t wear it.”

Some eyelash thickening products like Latisse (omg so expensive)  can turn blue eyes brown. My eyes are so dark I one time had a first date ask if I wore black contacts to “look cool,” so I can speak to that!

I bought a two-pack of RapidLash at Costco two years ago and still haven’t finished the pack. I rarely buy beauty products twice, but I will certainly buy this again.


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    Obsessed with your new column! I have to try this! Will keep you posted.

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