Worth It? Old Navy "Stay White" Jeans

By Jamee Villa

Jamee Villa
Jamee Villa

I have never believed in the fashion rule that white jeans are from Memorial Day to Labor Day. White jeans are a wardrobe staple and with that said, I present to you, Old Navy’s Stay White jeans. As branded, these jeans stay white through almost any of life’s obstacles.

Iced coffee spilled on the way to work? No biggie, Just brush it off. Your child rubs their dirty paws around your leg, gone. Trust me on that one. Red wine? I don’t know personally, (I’m a chardonnay girl) but I’ve watched video reviews and the results are astonishing.

Long gone are the days of bleaching the hell out of your white pants, minimal time in the dryer and carrying around a Tide bleach pen. These new stay white pants have fancy pants (literally) technology built in them to repel stains and spills so your jeans stay white. All the time. As in, these may be the last white pants you ever have to buy.

I have worn them twice. Once to work and once out with my family. Guess what, they are still bright white and I have yet to wash them.

Pro Tip: Don’t over wash your jeans.

The cut is safe for most all body types and they come in a regular, petite and tall (I know nothing about that). They are a skinny fit but have enough stretch to last. Better yet, no mid day slouching which we all know is the absolute worst. The most amazing part about these jeans is that they are under $50. You might be thinking to yourself, what have I done lately for lady karma to be sending me so much love? Maybe nothing but Old Navy sure loves you. And no, this article is not sponsored (although it should be!)

I have two cons about these pants. One is they run small so order a size up or suck it in. My second is they are thin. I’ve been rocking my J. Crew toothpicks which have a tad more weight to them so I may be biased. I’m assuming I will be praising these come Sacramento’s Holy hell hot Summer.

In closing, buy these damn pants. The end.

You can order them online here or find a local Old Navy who carries them.

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  1. Morgan says

    We also need a stay black jean! Mine always fade (and I buy “designer”) and it crushes me 🙁

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