Keepin' It Real Fitness Review: The Dailey Method

Erica Castillo

By Erica Castillo

#SMEBB 2015 nominee and fitness fanatic, Erica Castillo, is checking out local fitness studios so you don’t have to. Last month she reviewed Cycle In and The Academy. Up this month, the popular barre studio The Dailey Method.

Fitness Studio: The Dailey Method

Location: There are currently four locations in Sacramento:East Sac, Downtown, Roseville and Folsom. (This review is based on my visits with East Sac and Downtown locations only)

  • East Sac location: 3523 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95864
  • Downtown location: 1011 8th St, Sacramento, CA 95814


Phone:  East Sac location: (916) 382-9477 & Downtown location: (916) 400-3343

Hours: East Sac:

  • 6am-7:30pm (Mon-Friday)
  • 8:30am-11:30pm (Sat & Sun)


  • 6am-7:30pm   (Mon-Thurs)
  • 6am-6:30pm   (Friday)
  • 8am-12:30pm (Saturday)
  • 9:30-1:30pm   (Sunday)

Classes offered:

  • Barre
  • Barre Express (quick 45 mins)
  • Interval Barre  (faster paced, cardio workout)

Average class size: 8-10 people. The peak times really depends on the time/location.  You do not need to sign up ahead of time, though.

Child care offered: Yes at East Sac, No for Downtown.

Amenities: cubbies, lockers, showers, street parking

What to bring: Bring your own barre socks, water bottle & towels. Barre socks are available for purchase at the studio. These studios have carpet in their Barre rooms so you can get away with just bringing thick socks if you are trying it out.

Cost: This also depends on the location. The Downtown location is a little bit cheaper than East Sac right now.

East Sac prices:

  • New client promo: $100 for 6 weeks unlimited
  • Monthly Membership Unlimited Classes (core membership): $150
  • Packages: $100 for 5 classes, $180 for 10 classes
  • Drop ins: $22

Downtown prices:

  • New client promo: $80 for 6 weeks unlimited
  • Monthly Membership Unlimited Classes (core membership): $140
  • Packages: $160 for 10 classes, $300 for 20 classes
  • Drop ins: $18

(see website or call for more info. Downtown location offers discounts for state workers)


Scene: This also depends on the location. First off, all studios are basically all female clients. East Sacramento has a lot of young moms who usually bring their kids to take advantage of the childcare offered during class.  I probably was the only person that did not show up with a child in tow in their 9:30 a.m. classes, ha!  You can tell the clientele is very tight knit since they share similar lifestyles and I think when I first started coming here, some of the regulars were like, “who is this chick?”.  But after showing my face a few times, everyone has been so friendly and let’s be real, you’re going to get that slow to warm reaction pretty much anywhere there are 100% female.

There is a such a great community of women coming through this studio and you can tell a lot of the clients are genuinely friends outside of the studio as well.  Additionally, it says a lot about this studio that they are committed to providing childcare, it means they are aware of the needs in that area, and for that reason there is a very family-oriented environment here.

Further, the studio has events where you can bring your significant other to do a Barre class with you, which I’m sure is a fun way to connect and yet hilarious at the same time.

Music: Upbeat. Fun. You know, chick stuff!

Facility appearance: SO cute! Both studios are so chic looking. Love the cleanliness of the studios and the merchandise display.

Staff: All the staff were very welcoming at both locations.


Three reasons why you should come here:

1) East Sacramento is killing it! This location has only been open a little over a year and they already have a loyal following.  In fact, this studio is doing SO well that they are adding a spin studio next door to the existing location by the end of the year, which is currently under construction! Super exciting, right?

If you didn’t already know, The Dailey Method is a franchise that has locations in the U.S. and Europe, presently there are only a handful of studios in the U.S. that have managed to add a spin studio in addition to the barre classes, so this is a big deal for Sacramento! The closest studio that has combining this barre and spin combo is the Berkeley location.  Bri Carroll, the East Sac owner, is energetic, friendly and I love the music in her classes! I could not be more excited for Bri on expanding her business and you can trust that I will be back at the studio for another review as soon as they start their cycle classes.  Super inspiring to connect with yet another female business owner in our area!

2) Keeping it Real, I am a little disappointed that the downtown location does not have a bigger following, so we need to change that and support them!  The location is placed perfectly, next to the 800 J Street lofts, for young female business professionals who work at the capitol or downtown.  Not to mention, with the new Kings arena opening just down the street, what’s not to love about the potential that’s to come in that area?  If you have been curious about this studio, their 45 minute barre express classes are great to take if you are pressed for time during your lunch hour or right before/after work.

The express classes are great for toning and have a light cardio component, so you don’t need to worry about having to shower again after your class since you will only work up a minimal sweat.  The interval classes are a little more intense, so you might need to shower after that.

3) Overall: With all that said, do not be intimidated to take a class if you don’t know anyone, all the instructors make an effort to make you feel welcomed in your first class. Also, you do not need to be at any particular fitness level and the workouts are so varied that the time goes by really quick.  If you are just getting back into your workout routine before summer, this is a perfect, low impact workout that will inspire you to ease back into that consistent fitness schedule without feeling overwhelmed by the intensity and/or difficulty level.

I’ll Keep it 100 with you about this workout, though: unless you’re naturally skinny, one cannot survive on Barre alone. Its great for toning and a quick cardio workout, but you probably won’t lose a ton of weight only doing Barre.  On the flip side, if you are on top of your fitness game, Barre classes will give you that edge and you will absolutely see a difference in your body definition after a few classes.

Where to start:

If you are new to barre entirely, make sure to take their standard barre class in the beginning to get familiar with the postures and poses since there is strong ballet influence to this fitness concept.  Once you’re comfortable with that, make sure to try their interval classes that are more cardio based and will definitely keep your heart rate up throughout the workout.  It’s amazing how those tiny movements can do SO much damage, I always feel challenged in Barre because you are targeting specific areas that you are usually neglecting in your standard workout. I took a group of girls with me to a barre class recently and mind you, they are all rock stars and typically workout daily; the next day they all texted me telling me how sore they were!

If that isn’t telling that you need to give Barre a shot, not sure what is?  By the way, shout out to Anne K. who is both an instructor at the Dailey Method AND Cycle In, which is a spin studio that I did my previous review on! Make sure to take her class if you make it to the East Sac location, she is a blast!


Want to take a Barre class with me? Email me for details!

Want to know more about other fitness studios in Sacramento?

Follow my fitness journey on Instagram at:  kir_fitness or or see my previous Keepin’ It Real Reviews here.

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