Fit Eats: Midtown’s Healthy Meal Delivery Service for Girls on the Go

Anna Quinlan

By Anna Quinlan (Guest Blogger)

You know those Instagram pics that fitness junkies are always posting of a week’s worth of healthy meals, perfectly planned and portioned out? You know, the pics you usually see while you’re waiting in the drive-through line at Taco Bell because you didn’t have time to pack up a lunch from home and your morning meeting ran late so now you’re starving and you have exactly nine minutes to grab lunch? Just me? Oh, okay then.

If you’ve ever wished for a healthier, quicker option, it’s about time you tried out Fit Eats, a midtown company that delivers locally sourced, healthy meals right to your front door in the wee hours of the morning so you can grab-and-go on your way to work and have your Instagram-worthy healthy lunch on the ready. Bye, Taco Bell (but maybe I’ll still see you around 1am on the weekend? Just can’t quit you.).

I finally tried out Fit Eats recently and was impressed at the wide array of menu options and the flavor of the food. The California breakfast burrito didn’t skimp on real, actual cheese, the buffalo chicken bowl packed just the right amount of kick and kept me feeling full for hours, and the black and bleu bison burger (it’s served ‘protein style’ without a bun) I had for dinner included a perfect portion of bacon and bleu cheese — enough to add lots of flavor but not so much that I felt gross afterwards, which may or may not be my usual serving size of bacon when left unattended.

To summon this magical meal delivery fairy simply go to, browse the extensive menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, picks your faves, select a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday delivery and checkout. No complicated account creation or password set up, no questionnaires, no pinky promise to abstain from the occasional late night bean burrito (although their breakfast burrito is pretty legit itself).

Fit Eats will be celebrating their one-year anniversary this Wednesday, April 13th at their brick-and-mortar storefront located at 1420 16th Street with all-day specials including samples of their homemade peanut butter cups, enchilada casserole and blueberry coffee cake, as well as a buy three meals get one meal free special. I definitely recommend taking advantage of the chance to sample the food for yourself and try out the delivery service to see if it just might be the trick to breaking up with the drive through. You can even post your perfectly portioned meals on Instagram and take all the credit — I won’t tell.


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