Muddy Boot Wine

By Kelly Conroy

Kelly Rathburn Conroy
Kelly Conroy

With a barely perceptible farmer’s drawl, Phil Ogilvie stands in front of fifteen Girls on the Grid writers* and explains, “It’s wine I want to drink with my friends on the tailgate of my truck after a long day of work.”


Muddy Boot Wine, while boasting a laundry list of gold medals in various tasting competitions, is far from the pretentious tasting rooms of the typical California winery. Nestled along the Delta in Clarksburg, the roots of Muddy Boot Wine are reflected perfectly in the wine itself – down to earth and beautifully enjoyable.


The founders of the wine label – Phil, David, and Tom – grew up in Clarksburg among the vineyards their grandfathers planted. “The three of us grew up together as brothers,” says Tom, “Our mothers being best friends, we grew up playing practical jokes on each other and that’s where the Muddy Boot lore began.”

After years of separately pursuing other ventures in various parts of the country, each of them returned to their hometown with a desire to preserve and promote their multi-generational family farms (The full story on how they named the wine label involves Indiana Jones and deserves a read). “The story behind Muddy Boot Wine comes from the heart of who we are,” Tom continues, “We’re farmers and we want to highlight the vineyards, not just the wine.”


“Being farmers first,” explains David, “we understand that quality wine starts in the vineyard. We all have an appreciation for the soil, the vineyards, and the work it takes to grow quality grapes.”

But, quality isn’t the only thing Muddy Boot Wine represents. As certified sustainable farmers, they take extra measures like controlling rodents with owls rather than chemicals and implementing the newest water conservation technology to preserve and protect their land and the environment. And those quality grapes, in all their sustainable glory, translate into tasty, approachable wine made just outside of Sacramento.

Muddy Boot Wine is made less than thirty minutes from midtown and while Clarksburg is gaining in popularity for boozy day trips and that Delta breeze we’re so thankful for each summer, the guys behind this local label have a bigger vision for their hometown.

“We want to take Clarksburg – our vineyards and our values – to people that can’t visit,” Phil explains, “If the Clarksburg name can become synonymous with quality at an affordable price, we can help all the growers and wineries in the Clarksburg AVA (American Viticultural Area).”

Muddy Boot Wine exemplifies everything I want my wine to be – delicious, local, sustainable and made by guys like Phil, David, and Tom who are working to make our region an even better place. So, grab a bottle and share it with a friend. Trust me, it tastes good even if you’re not sitting on a tailgate.


Looking for Muddy Boot Wine near you? Pick up a bottle at Savemart or Nugget Market or ask your local grocery store to start carrying it. You can also stay up to date on Muddy Boot Wine by following them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


*Muddy Boot Wine invited GOTG writers to a private wine tasting.

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