Keepin' it Real Fitness Review: Cycle In

Erica Castillo

By Erica Castillo

#SMEBB 2015 nominee and fitness fanatic, Erica Castillo, is checking out local fitness studios so you don’t have to. Last month she reviewed The Academy.  Up this month, Cycle In Indoor Cycling, located in Carmichael.

Fitness Studio: Cycle In

Location: Carmichael

Address: 1828 Walnut Ave, Carmichael, CA 95608



Hours: Varies each day, below are common spin class time slots:

  • Mon: 8:30am, 9:45am, 6pm
  • Tues:6am, 8:30am, 6:15 pm
  • Wed:8:30am, 6pm
  • Thur:6am, 8:30am
  • Fri:8:30 am, 5pm
  • Sat:7:30 am, 9am
  • Sun:9am

Classes Offered: There are three types of spin classes

  • Music Video Cycle: 45 mins. This spin class plays music that is synced up to music videos.  This class is my favorite just because I get so caught up watching those old school music videos from an era that I so dearly miss. This past week I was reminded how awesome the outfits were in Young MC’s “Bust a Move” video.
    (If you need a refresher:
  • Scenic Cycle PLUS: 1 hour. This spin class plays music along to a scenic bike ride in different cities. The “plus” part is a short 15 minute circuit of strength training at the end that is optional.  BEWARE: You will seriously get the travel bug after watching these scenic videos. Now i’m deciding between Paris or Tuscany, you know, the usual Tuesday morning problems.
  • Evening Scenic Cycle:  1 hour.  Same as above just without the extra strength training.

photo 2 (2)Average Class Size: 12-15 people

Childcare Offered: no

Amenities: cubbies, lockers, restroom/changing room, parking

What to bring: your own water bottle and spin shoes that have SPD clips if you have them; if not, they will provide. Towels are also provided.


  • New client special: $30 for 3 classes
  • Monthly Membership Unlimited Classes: $165
  •  5 classes for $85
  • 10 classes for $160
  • 20 classes for $300
  • 30 classes for $420
  • Drop ins: $17

Note: Make sure to reserve your bike ahead of time online in case the class gets full. Each class is available to reserve up to a week in advance.

Scene: I took several of the most popular classes and it was a mixed bag of ages and fitness levels with mostly female clients.  The age range was substantial, which I think is what makes this studio so unique; some women were in their 30’s like me, while others were older.  Some of the clientele are serious riders/athletes outside of the studio as well, so you might hear the instructor reference something about training for a race which gave me an opportunity to nerd out for a bit and learn more about training strategies.  Also, it is so apparent how a lot of the clients treat each other as family. After the morning classes, Katherine offers to make coffee for anyone that wants to hang out at the “Cycle In Cafe” for a chat.  (How sweet is that, right?!?)

Music: Some Top 40 music, a lot of great throwback music, maybe a country song or two if requested. Instructors will take requests in advance, which is yet another reason why you feel like there is a genuine community environment here.

Facility Appearance: This studio is so adorable and extremely clean. Katherine, owner of Cycle In, has a cute sense of style and there are so many cycle themed touches that she adds throughout the studio. If you check out my instagram: kir_fitness, you’ll see that I post a lot of photos when I am working out here because every time I come back, I find another cute touch to the studio that she has added.  I honestly think it’s worth it to take one class just to see what i’m talking about, you won’t find this cute, comfy look at other spin studios right now.cycle1Staff: Ohh this is my favorite part of the review right here. As some of my readers and/or followers know, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a ton of local fitness studio owners since the start of this year and I have been inspired in so many ways by each and every one of them.  With that said, I have to say that the owner of Cycle In, Katherine Benbrook, has been my absolute favorite so far! After my first class with her we sat down for over an hour to talk about how she started her business on her own while raising three boys.  Hearing her so openly talking about her path as a female entrepreneur/business owner was such a treat! Katherine and the rest of her instructors are all spin certified and have great energy and you could not feel more welcomed in this studio. The studio is small and cozy so you will not feel intimidated or out of place as the instructors (and even the clients) will greet you warmly before class starts and help you set up your bike.cycle2

Three Reasons You Should Come Here:

1) What sets this facility apart from the others is the authenticity.  There is a big difference between being friendly to your customers and being authentic with them, so to speak.  Katherine genuinely wants people to succeed in and outside of the studio and you get that vibe in the studio right away.  I am not saying that one should expect or require authenticity in a fitness studio and/or workout, at the end of the day that won’t impact how many calories you burn or your overall fitness outcomes, but it’s a definite plus that I felt compelled to highlight in this review.  Cycle In has a loyal client base for this very reason and you will always see a few people hanging around before or after class, catching up with each other about their families/friends/etc.  I also think that since the classes are often composed of an older crowd, you’re not going to have to worry about any weird fitness egos walking around.  That’s also why I have a lot of respect for this place, you don’t feel judged or unsolicited competitiveness amongst the clientele.

2) If you are someone who likes a good spin class but doesn’t like to be in too much heat, give this spot a try as the instructors will usually turn the fans on pretty quickly.  Keeping it real, I am definitely a glutton for punishment when it comes to my workouts, so I personally do not mind high heat, but after I started coming here it was so nice to know that at the end of my workout, the sweat is simply from effort and not based on outside factors such as the heat in the room.

3) Overall:   If you aren’t a fan of cardio, want to try something different or are in a fitness rut, this place is a great spot to feel welcomed, comfortable and motivated again by a team of supportive people.  My favorite part about this studio is that they use keiser bikes, which track your gears, speed, calories burned and miles traveled from the start of your workout to finish.  I used these types of bikes in my spin classes in San Diego back in the day and I really missed them because it’s so nice to see your progress throughout the workout and have that accountability. Also, using these bikes might inspire you to set weekly goals to improve your speed or increase your gears as you get stronger and more confident on the bike.  If you already take spin classes or are an avid cyclist, this would be a great spot to try in order to switch things up, get that team camaraderie or simply have an alternative to your outdoor workouts when it rains.  Do not expect this spin class to be easy, you will always be challenged here but the degree of difficulty is entirely up to you and that what I love about spin.  If you’re having a rough day, you can go hard the first half of class and maybe go easy the second half of class and no one is going to give you crap for it.

Where to start:

You can honestly try any class at a beginner or intermediate fitness level and you’ll be just fine; however, I highly recommend taking the music video classes just because you’ll never be bored watching some amazing 80’s fashions during your workout.  While watching these videos, I am pretty sure you’ll end up laughing half the time like I did and forget about how much your legs are going to hurt the next day!  That’s a win-win, right?cycle3Want to know more? Follow my fitness journey on Instagram at:  kir_fitness or

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  1. Kathy Diener says

    I have been a regular at Cycle In since day one! I am 71 years old and still Katherine can get me to push myself! I love going because it is such a welcoming spot with lots of supportive riders.
    The other thing you mentioned in your review is the extra attention to detail. My favorite is the inspirational quote she puts up each week!
    I highly recommend Cycle In

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