Keepin it Real Fitness Review: The Academy

Erica Castillo

By Erica Castillo

Former #SMEBB nominee and fitness fanatic, Erica Castillo, is checking out local fitness studios so you don’t have to. Last week she month she reviewed P2O Hot Pilates and Fitness Rangers. This month she reviews downtown studio, The Academy.

Fitness Studio: The Academy

Location: (Downtown) 116 F St, Sacramento, CA 95814


Phone: (916) 382-9477

Hours:  6am-8pm (Mon-Thur)

            6am-7pm (Fri)

            7am-1pm (Sat)

            Closed Sundays

Classes Offered: Each day represents a different type of strength or conditioning.  So, for instance, Monday classes are “Strength-pull days” and Friday classes are “Squat thang” days. Open gym drop ins and personal training are also available each day at the facility.

Average Class Size: 8-10 people

Childcare: no

Amenities: cubbies, lockers, multiple showers, parking

What to bring: bring your own water bottle & towels.


Monthly Membership Unlimited Classes -$165

Personal Training – $65 per session

Drop-ins-  $15


Scene: I’ll be real with you, before I went to The Academy I was a little intimidated by it and made my friend, Francesca, come with me on my first workout.  I expected to see only athletes in this facility as the owners (who are awesome and hilarious, by the way!) also moonlight as coaches for Sac State’s Baseball team; however, the client list is really a mixed bag of fitness levels.

I’ve run into a lot of people I know professionally at the Academy, so if you are reading this blog and live on the grid, you will more than likely run into someone you know.  The “scene” may vary depending on what time you come in: in the evenings you will mostly see professionals just coming from work, but during the day you will find a wider range of clientele.

Regardless, let it be known that I’ve had the most fun at this facility because it really is so laid back.  Even though you get a good workout, you also get a chance to joke around with everyone and that’s one of my favorite things in life.  The workouts are serious but the trainers do not take themselves too seriously; that was an unexpected plus for me right away and made me feel more comfortable.  By the end of my first workout I was so happy that I did not let my apprehension or insecurities get in the way of me giving this place a shot.

Music: A lot of alternative-esque music, a little EDM here and there. I don’t think people really pay attention to it while it’s playing in the background since it’s not blasting.  If listening to Drowning Pool ain’t your thing, sweet, we can rally to have the music changed, maybe?

Facility Appearance: One big turf room that will get the job done. It’s clean with plenty of open space. The turf is a real plus if you’re old like me with ancient joints.

Staff: Very laid back.  I’ll be real with you, if you are someone who needs a lot of attention during your workout, you will need to speak up and let the trainer know.  All of the trainers and staff are approachable and super helpful with your form and any modifications you might need, but they will not babysit you during your workout.  The classes will have a “WOD” (workout of the day) posted on a whiteboard so it’s kind of go at your own pace.  If that sounds a little intimidating, bring a friend so you can help each other stay accountable.


Three Reasons Why You Should Come Here:

1) What sets The Academy apart from other gyms is the access you will have to all types of equipment at any given time: such as battle ropes, sleds, olympic rings, etc in an open gym setting. On top of that, there will always be an available certified trainer on the floor that can assist you with any questions you have about your workout .

2) The Academy provides many more services aside from strength and conditioning, such as body fat measurement, nutrition programs, etc.  They will also host challenges, such as the “90 day challenge” where members follow an exercise and nutrition program to win cash prize incentives (last one was $500, NBD).

3) Overall:   If you are looking for a strength and conditioning facility to take you to the next level with your workouts and/or long term fitness and nutritional goals, this is a great place to look into.  Everyone I know that goes to the Academy is there at least a couple times a week to supplement cardio or other workout regimens.  I do not recommend beginners showing up without having at least a phone chat or consultation with one of the trainers just to make sure you are set up to succeed.

Where To Start:  

If you are a beginner or need some structure to your strength workout, I recommend picking a morning or evening class time on a Monday or Wednesday, or try out just one session of personal training to get familiar with the equipment and trainers.  If you are looking for a full body workout class, try a Friday.  If you are advanced and/or confident in your fitness game, any day will work in either a class setting or open gym drop in.  Whatever you choose, just keep an open mind that first day like I did! I have been going once a week since starting my review and I just love the vibe here and the staff is great.  Never a dull moment at The Academy, hope to see you there!


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