Promote Women to the Highest Ranks; Your Company Will Benefit

Jamie Von Sossan, Dir. of Operations 3fold Communications

By Jamie Von Sossan (guest blogger)

The highly anticipated Sacramento Business Review 2016 Economic Forecast, hosted by the Metro Chamber and Sac State on January 19, was a mixed bag of good news/bad news, interesting insights and revealing survey responses.  

On the good-news side, as advertised, the arena construction is already a momentum boost in downtown and midtown, as property values increase and vacancy rates decline.

From my 21st and K perch at 3fold Communications, there is a sense of more hustle bustle, more deals in the making, and more creative exceptionalism throughout midtown.

Some not so good news in the report is that most of our job growth is in the low-wage category, and in the lowest job levels, 70% of workers are women as compared to 30% of men.

This revealing human resource analysis data is new to the Sacramento Business Review. It covers such topics as racial diversity, compensation, benefits and gender equity.

Heartbreaking news from the report is survey results indicating women are three times more likely to believe that the workforce is skewed in favor of men; women were seven times more likely to say their gender inhibited their success in the past; and ten times more likely to say their gender would likely inhibit their success in the future. Ouch!

I’m proud to say I work for a company whose entire upper-management wing happens to be women. 3fold Communications co-founding partner Angela Criser, who started 3fold with Gordon Fowler eleven years ago, has always emphasized hiring the best candidates. Period.

We in the 3fold ‘she-suite’ are here because Angela and Gordon understand that the ultimate work product comes from leaders who lead rich and fulfilling lives.  Some of us are raising young children, some of us have an active volunteer life, and some of us pursue our creative impulses, but all of us give 3fold our unequivocal commitment because 3fold gives us the space to do our best work.

Unfortunately, the 3fold she-suite is an anomaly. Back to the Sacramento Business Review findings, the higher the job level, the less represented were women, as only 26 percent of workers at the upper management level in our region are female.

My colleagues and I would like to see more opportunities for women to rise through the ranks. And frankly, if you are a business owner and don’t have room for women in your c-suite, according to a Harvard Business Review report, your business will not be as profitable.

So there you have it Mr. Business Owner. Take a look at the bottom rung (where the women are), identify potential, develop career opportunities, be supportive of childcare responsibilities and move those gals into the big office. Your company will benefit and so will the Sacramento region.

she suite

Co-founder, CFO and Creative Director Angela Criser; Executive Director of 3fold Connect and the Impact Foundry Kim Tucker; Director of Accounts Liz Divelbiss; Director of Operations Jamie Von Sossan



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