Broccoli HQ Highlights Sacramento's Collaborative Spirit

Untitled copyBy Laura Braden

Collaboration and innovation is alive and well in Sacramento.

Last month, the Sacramento City Unified School District voted unanimously to have the Food Literacy Center manage a new 2.5-acre urban farm and student garden at the Leataata Floyd Elementary School.

GOTG has covered Food Literacy Center a lot in the past … and for good reason. This unique nonprofit teaches Sacramento low-income kids cooking, nutrition and healthy food habits that will last a lifetime. In 2015, they reached over 20,000 local children – all the more amazing considering their annual budget is less than $400,000/year.

But back to this project. Dubbed the “Broccoli HQ“, Leataata is located in the Northwest Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento (near the Mill at Broadway), and it’s on track to open in late 2017. The curriculum will focus on topics like food science and teaching history/culture through cuisine…as well as education on plant biology and composting. The HQ will also dovetail into existing after-school programs and serve over 600 elementary and high school students. Once complete, it’ll be Sacramento’s largest school community garden.

Created by the Honey Agency
Created by the Honey Agency

The project also points to the power of collaboration to create positive change in the community, as well as serves as a national model for innovation and public health. The project couldn’t have happened without support from developer Northwest Land Park LLC, Setzer Family Foundation, the Mill at Broadway, the City of Sacramento Parks and Recreation Department, and the Sacramento City Unified School District.

As a Board Member of the Food Literacy Center, I couldn’t be prouder to see this project come to fruition – learn more and join our movement today!



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