Keepin it Real Fitness Review: P20 Pilates and Fitness

By Erica Castillo (Guest Blogger)

Erica Castillo, 31, Legal Assistant
Erica Castillo

Former #SMEBB nominee and fitness fanatic, Erica Castillo, is checking out local fitness studios so you don’t have to. Last week she reviewed Fitness Rangers. This week, she checked out P2O Hot Pilates. Check out her Keeping it Real Fitness Review of this midtown hot spot.

Fitness Studio: P20 Hot Pilates and Fitness

  • Location: Midtown, 2012 P St, Sacramento, CA 95811
  • Website:
  • Hours: Class times range from 5:30am – 8:00pm
  • Classes offered: Barre, Battle Ropes, Amped Abs, Bikini Butt, Muscle Hustle, Hot Pilates, Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga, Pull up club, Running club, Kettlebells, TRX classes, etc.
  • Average class size: 10-15 people
  • Childcare offered: no
  • Amenities: storage cubbies, multiple showers, street parking
  • What to bring: Barre class socks for barre classes…yoga mat for yoga/pilates classes…water and towels for all classes.
  • Cost: $30 dollars for 30 days promo for new students
  • Monthly Membership Unlimited Classes (Auto-Pay): $129
  • Monthly Membership – NO Contract: $159
  • 13 Classes/month Membership (Auto-Pay): $99photo (2)

Scene: Laid back, young business professionals at all fitness levels. Since the studio is small, you will likely get to know the people in your classes pretty quickly.  I talked to several of their customers and a lot of them chose this studio to find new ways to tone specific areas, (i.e.: bikini butt class or amped abs), or to just have access to a variety of class options in one place at an affordable price.  Also, it wasn’t uncommon to see people doubling up on classes back to back, just because the workouts are so different from each other and there are so many offered throughout the day.

Music: Top 40, hip-hop or themed music. You’ll be so preoccupied with the workout that you really won’t have time to notice the music, honestly.

Facility appearance: Small, intimate.

Staff: Super friendly, welcoming. All of the instructors were so engaged and helpful on making sure I was in correct form during each workout to avoid injury and I really appreciated this!!


Three reasons why you should come here:

1) I really enjoyed the variety of classes P2O provides and the frequency in which they were provided.  As someone who is extremely busy during the week, it’s nice to know that if your schedule randomly changes mid-day, you can catch a workout later in the evening and still get home at a decent time.  Out of all the fitness studios that I have attended this year so far, their Hot Pilates class was the most challenging for me, both physically and mentally (and i’m totally hooked!)  Don’t just take my word for it, I had some friends come along with me to the Hot Pilates class and they are just as hooked and took advantage of the $30 for $30 promo and likely plan on buying monthly memberships thereafter.

2) The instructors at P2O are all friendly and they all made sure that I was staying in proper form consistently throughout the workout.  Many of the classes are structured in interval format, so although you will find yourself challenged and out of breath throughout the class, you will always get a chance to get a sip of water or at least mentally prepare yourself for the next set of intervals.  Since the classes are small, it frees up time for the instructors to be able to pay special attention to each person consistently during the workout, so you will never fall behind or feel left out.

3) Overall: The P2O facility is exactly what you need to get toned in all areas before summer time!  I noticed a difference in my arms and legs after just a week of the Kettlebells, Bikini Butt and Hot Pilates classes.  I recognized so many people in every class, it’s clear they have a loyal following and the staff seems to know all of their customers well, which to me speaks volumes.  If you’re looking for a fitness studio that has a variety of classes designed to concentrate on specific areas of your body and doesn’t take themselves too seriously, you should definitely try out the $30 for 30 days promo.  (Sidenote: They periodically hold nutritional seminars to supplement your workouts as well.)

Where to start:

If you are looking for a fitness challenge right away, take the P2O Hot Pilates class ASAP! I swear, it’s the hardest class on the grid I’ve taken so far.   I’ve taken their Hot Pilates class consistently since starting this review and it hasn’t gotten any easier for me, which I LOVE.  In fact, I was just talking to one of my friends about it and we both agreed it’s unlike any class we have ever taken before, you just gotta try it.  (Think bikram yoga meets tabatas meets why do I do this to myself?).  But if you want to ease your way into P20 fitness classes, I would recommend trying their amped abs or bikini butt class first and then increase your intensity with a Kettlebell or TRX class.

Want to know more? Follow my fitness journey on Instagram at:  kir_fitness or visit my website at

By day, guest blogger and former #SMEBB, Erica Castillo, is a Paralegal at AP LLP and IS Tours Event Coordinator for Sacramento Metro Chamber Cap-to-Cap program and Study Missions.  Erica is passionate about supporting local businesses and impacting local youth by volunteering for local NonProfits such as Next Move and NCADD’s Strengthening Families Programs.  On the weekends you will likely find her trying out a local fitness studio somewhere on the grid with her friends, studying for the dreaded GMAT at Sac State or supporting her favorite local restaurant and brewery, Oak Park Brewing Company.  

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