Why Your Girl Friends Should Be The Loves of Your Life

By Dana Simas Guest BloggerDana Simas

It doesn’t matter how in touch with the feminine psyche a man is, he will never truly understand what happens inside the mind, body and spirit of a woman. He can’t possibly know the internal hardwiring that bless us with our extraordinary complexity. The same complexity that allows a woman to run her own public relations office, simultaneously plan her next getaway with the girls while also obsessing about her significant other, or just the man she has her eyes on. These days, our multi-tasking abilities allow us to have it all if we want it. Now more than ever we have the ability to build a life that is truly ours, but that’s exactly why we need our sister circles more than ever.

When you find your sister circle something awakens that can’t possibly be awakened by even the most amazing of men. It can’t be found in solitude either, we must burst through those walls too many of us learn to put up if another girl is prettier than us, smarter than us, makes friends easier than us. Much of the world wants to find us disconnected from each other.

There’s an unrealistic image of perfection, success and beauty on the main stage that has made us all, but in particular women, feel as though we’re not good enough. Not pretty enough, not rich enough, not smart enough. Those societal messages are just reinforced in our own brains as we go a million miles a minute in our thoughts and obsessions not really taking the time to question them. As our core beliefs are reinforced with these feelings of insecurity we forget to practice self-love. This is where the breakdown in sisterhood occurs, lack of self-love.

When you find your sister circle you find yourself. It’s not like when you find your significant other, that is something beautifully different. This is when you find those women who can’t wait to hear about your next success or crazy idea, who make your heart jump at the thought of your next adventure even though they just left your house at 10 a.m. after a night of partying together. Those women who you text with ten times a day and have a group chat going that you don’t even get mad at when you finally look at your phone and have 67 new messages. The women who will literally pick you up out of bed, throw you in some high heels and get you back on your feet and into your life when you don’t even want to move. Those women.

Those women will awaken a part of you that you didn’t even know existed, you couldn’t possibly know existed until you let them in there. Those women are you. They reflect who you are, at your core. They love you because you are divinely perfect and they see it even when you may lose faith. They know what goes through your brain when you’re just not feeling like the queen you are and that’s what makes us such amazing creatures.

Your sister circle doesn’t have to be large, the strength of a bond between soul sisters is not increased or diminished by number. Rather, it’s influenced by your own frequency, your vibes.

There is no “guy’s girl.” A man cannot understand a woman like another woman. They do not have the chemical wiring that yearns for relationships and companionship like women, there are men who are amazing at connecting in relationships, but it’s not the same. If a woman finds it challenging to connect with other women it’s because she has yet to develop the kind of self-love necessary to experience connection on that level.

The female spirit is meant to connect with those around her. When you open yourself up to receive that kind of connection, it’s life-changing. Nothing less than authentic connection will satisfy you after that. Once you experience it, you’ll want more of it and you’ll want to share it. This is key.

Once you learn to love your sisters and accept her love in return, her love becomes your love. You see yourself reflected, the more you understand her the more you understand yourself. The more you understand the world and your place in it.

As with all humans there will be some who aren’t living on the same frequency, and that’s ok. It is not the point to become deeply connected with every one of your earthly sisters, though we should remain open to sharing our love with them. The point is to have so much self-love and openness that you end up attracting those who are living at your frequency, as the saying goes, “your vibe attracts your tribe.”

Your soul sisters are who fill you up because we are brewed from the same pot. When women choose love for their fellow sisters it creates an incredible source of power, an undefeatable circle of female energy that empowers each to reach new heights emotionally, professionally, spiritually. This is something you can only get from your relationships within your sisterhood. They don’t have to be sexual in nature to be intense love affairs.

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