Be the Real MVP. Be a Galentine

By Christie Goodfellow

Christie Goodfellow
Christie Goodfellow

For so many ladies, “Single Awareness Day”…I mean Valentine’s Day is a touchy subject.  Instead of making a last ditch effort to find a date by swiping right on someone you would never want to post to your Instagram, much less bring home to mom, why not have a Galentine’s Day instead?  


Instead of watching reruns of The Bachelor in your bathrobe why not invite your besties over for dinner, drinks and laughs?

Taken but you have some friends that get a little blue around the 14th?  

Make them feel special with a card, flowers or if they’re really good friends, champagne, glitter and strippers.  Ok- Strippers are expensive…maybe just a copy of Magic Mike XXL. (Cupid if you’re listening I’ve been a really good friend this year so I completely expect strippers, glitter and booze for Galentine’s.)


The bottom line is you don’t have to be in a relationship to tell someone how special they are to you on Valentine’s Day.  Here are some options for fun ways to play Cupid to your squad.

Be the bearer of good news….hand deliver flowers or a card or sweets to your BFF’s office or home.  It’s unexpected and it lets your gals know you’re thinking of them.  Hopefully, it’s contagious and all the other gals in the office rush to Papyrus to buy cards for all their gals.  Galentine’s gone global.  It’s perfect!

(Available on Etsy )

Host a Galentine’s Day party at your pad.  Grab the champs and this adorable card kit from Paper Source and spend the day making cards for each other.  This works great if you host the party a few days before the 14th because it gives you time to make the cards you can deliver later.   Card making not your thing?  Try making these amazing heart shaped cookies from Cheryl’s Cookies.  Damn that Cheryl thinks of everything.  Bonus points if it’s a pj party where everyone can wear comfy pjs instead of having to run last minute to Victoria Secret and fit a wax in.  



If all else fails and you’re still being a Bitter Betty, take your gals out to dinner.  There are tons of fun places that aren’t super snuggly on the 14th.  Go somewhere with drinks.  I heard somewhere that every holiday is better with drinks.  Go somewhere with an activity.  Maybe hit up Pine Cove and sing anything but lonely girl karaoke.  Pretty much sing anything by Queen Bey and you’re already winning Valentine’s Day cause really, Who Run the World? Girls!


We all have to face it. Gone are the days where your teacher makes sure everyone gets a Valentine so it’s up to you to make the day special for the gals in your life.  Keep it light, fun and involved so no one has time to dwell on being uncoupled during the most coupled up holiday of the year.  Each year my gals and I do a gift exchange that usually involves booze and our favorite makeup brands.  It’s fun to see what everyone picks out for each other and every time I wear that lipstick I think of my awesome friends.  Be the reason your friends smile all year.  Cupid ain’t got nothing on you.


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