Keepin' it Real Fitness Review: Fitness Rangers

By Erica Castillo (guest blogger)

Greetings GOTG Readers! My name is Erica Castillo and I decided to contribute to GOTG as your local fitness business advocate via bi-weekly fitness studio reviews located in the Sacramento area. Before I give you my first review, let me break down the reason why I saw there was a need for this by giving you a little background.

In the last ten years or so I typically work out everyday and most of the people around me are on that same train. Yes, it sounds annoying/lame/etc., but what else can you do for fun when you’re an old lady like me with no kids or significant other and no longer get a thrill from a night of drinking anymore?  And yes, that’s totally boring and I realize I’m dying alone, I get it.  Anyways, in the last year or so I was really happy with my fitness routine of mostly spin, weights and yoga, but I noticed that although I was consistent, my body wasn’t responding anymore to the workouts and I knew deep down that I was just staying in my fitness “comfort zone”, so to speak.  When 2016 hit, I decided that I would remedy this stagnation by trying out one new fitness studio a week in search of the perfect, most complete workout in Sacramento by way of Classpass.  (If you haven’t tried Classpass, get on that!  Go to. for a free trial, its an awesome way to try out a bunch of local fitness studios in the area for one flat monthly rate.  FYI not getting paid for that plug.)  

After yelping the fitness studios offered through Classpass, I noticed an annoying theme: Yelpers don’t give a crap about rating their actual workout (shocker).  This is not an exaggeration, as I noticed some of my favorite gyms in Sacramento were getting one star ratings based on criteria unrelated to fitness, such as: whether or not a gym offered free water bottles, towel service or limited parking.  Seriously?  Sorry to break it to ya son, but that’s life! Bring your own water bottle and towel wherever you go and expect anywhere to have no parking; it’s 2016 dude, move on!

Reading these harsh reviews was initially annoying and petty to me, but I eventually had a light bulb go off.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some REAL feedback from someone that is passionate about fitness and considers their workout outcome as their primary concern, leaving amenities to secondary concerns?  Also, I am a big fan of supporting LOCAL businesses, so why not invest in your health and your community at the same time by choosing a fitness studio that is locally owned?  I realize that a lot of these boutique gyms are more pricey than your 24-hour finesses of the world, but the team feeling and support that you get from your local fitness community, along with an incredible workout,  is absolutely worth the extra fifty dollars a month that you would otherwise spend on a quick dinner or night of drinking.  Ultimately, I feel as though fitness should always be considered as an investment towards our long-term health, rather than a cost. (Side note: what you spend on fitness and yoga pants should be within your budget and not interfere with you know, your retirement or 401 K fund, of course.)  And with that bit of background, I give you my first “Keepin’ it real review”….


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Fitness Studio: Fitness Rangers

Location: East Sac, 1717 34th Street, Sacramento CA


Hours: Class times range from 5:30am – 6:30pm

Classes offered: Boot camp, strength training, cycling, yoga, HIIT (high intensity interval training), boxing, kick boxing, personal training, massages, etc.

Most Popular Classes: Wednesday at 5:30 am, 6:30 am,9:30 am, noon, 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm

Childcare offered: yes

Amenities: Lockers, mats, parking, multiple showers, towels

What to bring:

Barre class- barre class socks

Boxing class- boxing gloves and wraps

Yoga class- yoga mat

(no rentals)

Cost: First class is free. $10 drop ins. Unlimited Memberships $185 per month (see website for more info or discounts)

Scene: Lots of business professionals that are serious about their workouts, but not so serious that you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome there. I talked to several of their customers (super friendly, BTW)  and all of them had been a member of fitness rangers for at least five years and attend classes at least four times a week.  To me, that consistency and commitment says it all.

Music: HUGE Props to Adam Attia (owner) for playing 2pac AND George Michael in the same playlist. I swear, that bold choice alone might have sold me on this place.  So great. 

Facility appearance: Extremely clean and spacious.

Staff: Super friendly, welcoming.


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Three reasons why you should come here:

  1. ’Cuz I’m totally loving this place already after just a couple of weeks worth of classes, for real.  This spot might seem hardcore or intimidating by its class structure but if you want to stay challenged by a varied workout in less than an hour, while being inspired by some qualified instructors, Fitness Rangers is where you need to be.  All fitness levels will benefit from these classes.  I was that slow, slacker person in their boot camps the last two weeks and I still feel motivated enough to come back, not discouraged. If anything, coming here was a fitness wake-up call for me, I thought my cardio was on point before this, but ha, nope!    
  2. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful during your workout to make sure you are in correct form, they are certified and seem to really practice what they preach in and outside the gym. They are not too aggressive or in your face type deal.  I mean, they are no bullshit in class, but can still crack a joke and I appreciate that.
  3. Overall:  This facility is exactly what you need to get a COMPLETE fitness experience that includes cardio, strength training and meditation in one place.  As someone who is visiting a lot of gyms these days, This is my favorite facility so far and It will be tough to beat.  And to keep it extremely real, even though I am exploring a new facility every week, I will still be coming to Fitness Rangers at least once a week because their classes are just too good to miss out on.

Where to start:

I would recommend starting with their bootcamp, which includes interval work with treadmills, squats, kettlebells, burpees, TRX bands, etc. Each bootcamp is a little different and goes by so fast, you will never get bored, trust!  Make sure your move way to strength training, HIIT workouts, yoga, etc to really that complete workout.  Barre classes are a great way to tone for the ladies as well.   If you are scurred, bring a friend your first time since you do get partnered up in most of their classes.  Don’t feel like you have to bring a friend to get through it, I came alone to all of my classes and got partnered up just fine with some friendly people who did not make fun of me for being last at everything, which is always a plus.  

Want to know more? Follow my fitness journey on Instagram at:  kir_fitness or visit my website at


By day, guest blogger and former #SMEBB, Erica Castillo, is a Paralegal at AP LLP and IS Tours Event Coordinator for Sacramento Metro Chamber Cap-to-Cap program and Study Missions.  Erica is passionate about supporting local businesses and impacting local youth by volunteering for local Non Profits such as Next Move and NCADD’s Strengthening Families Programs.  On the weekends you will likely find her trying out a local fitness studio somewhere on the grid with her friends, studying for the dreaded GMAT at Sac State or supporting her favorite local restaurant and brewery, Oak Park Brewing Company.  

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  1. Sharyn says

    You had me! Until the pairing up thing. Deal breaker.

    1. Erica Castillo says

      Their barre class is great to try and no partner needed 🙂

  2. Ganeeban says

    Nowhere did I read that it’s like working out at a club! I did get my sweat on when I have it a try, just not my style! Hope your next one is a conditioning class at Midtown!! Xoxo, ganeeban

    1. Erica Castillo says

      Thanks for the feedback! I have a review coming up on the Academy that has strength and conditioning classes. If you have any fitness studios you would like me to try out for a review, let me know! Thanks!

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