Co-washing: Does it really work?

By Amy Thoma

Amy Thoma
Amy Thoma

I stopped washing my hair. I know, it sounds disgusting, particularly given the fact that I work out every single day. But, I recently discovered a product that’s neither shampoo nor conditioner and it has changed my hair life.

I’m fortunate in that I have pretty thick hair that goes between curly and wavy but blows out straight when I do the work. However, years of color treating my hair, (real talk: I do not know my natural color. I think it’s mousy brown dirty blonde? I don’t know. I don’t care, either), and heat styling, plus natural texture left me a prime candidate for lots of frizz, a greasy scalp and dry ends. (High school would have been a lot easier for me had flat irons been invented. But that is another blog.)

Enter Co-washing…

About a year ago my hairdresser, Angelina Seva the genius behind Deeda Salon, introduced me to New Wash by Hairstory. New Wash is a cleansing conditioner, which allows you to ditch the shampoo and wash and condition your hair with just one product. It is not the same as 2-in-1 shampoo, as there is no shampoo in it. The sulfates and detergents in shampoo can do a number on your hair and can really dry it out. Cleansing conditioners like New Wash are supposed to help you clean your hair while keeping the moisture locked in. It is called co-washing.

I was extremely dubious  it would work for me as there aren’t words for how bad my hair is post-exercise. But, because I love all hair and beauty products, I bought New Wash and gave it a whirl. Well, I was shocked. After a couple of weeks, it was like the hair gods gifted me a new head of hair.

I use about three pumps of New Wash and start at the top of my head. It’s necessary to really massage the product into my scalp and work it down the shaft of the hair. I leave it in while I finish the rest of my insanely long in-shower beauty routine and magically, my knots untangle and my hair is ridiculously moisturized, clean and smooth.  Seriously, I don’t even have to comb it out. The product doesn’t lather, but it still cleans the scalp and hair.

I’ve also noticed since using New Wash that my hair dries a lot faster and I can’t even tell you the last time I needed my flat iron. My hair just doesn’t frizz anymore. Plus, my color lasts longer and I’ve noticed a lot fewer split ends.

This part is important: it takes two to three weeks for your hair to adjust. It might feel greasy for a little bit, but just give it time. I still wash my hair with traditional shampoo around once a week, generally when I rinse out Olaplex, but those with drier scalps likely won’t need to.

The only downside, if you can call it one, is that my hair is slightly less curly. However, it still holds curling iron curls and/or waves with a blow dryer and round brush very well. If I know it’s raining and I want to let my hair out in all its (scary) curly glory, I just rinse it out and don’t use anything.

The product is a little expensive, but it lasts a long time.  You can buy New Wash at Deeda or order online. Try it out and let us know if it works for you!

700-700 newwash box bottle

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