GOTG Friday Faves: January 22, 2016

By The Editors

Friday Faves is our chance to share our favorite local/general and national/lady content from the previous week. This gives us a chance to dive into thought-provoking pieces, as well as cheerlead our fave local bloggers. Also, we are adoptive puppy pushers…well, animals in general really – so open your hearts and home and trust us to find you your next best friend



Good Morning my name is Gooty Ace. I answer to “Ace” but I always thought “Gooty” had a nice ring too. I have fabulous eyebrows and a shiny coat and  fancy myself as a gentleman. I walk well on a leash and won’t pull your arm out of socket, I also know my fair share of english – “come, wait, sit, down, shake and stay” are all commands I am capable of understanding. If you are looking for easy going walks and a good game of fetch I could be your fella. Currently I am residing at the Sacramento SPCA and my schedule is open for visitors!





  • To Protect Against Zika Virus, Pregnant Women Are Warned About Latin American Trips (New York Times)

  • The fourth, not so popular Jonas is moving in on the South and Northeast, and we’re so not jealous… (New York Times)
  • Gas prices are hitting a 13-year low causing one gas station in Michigan to try to outdo the competition by dropping their prices to 47 cents a gallon! (ABC News)



Friday, August 22nd

Saturday, August 23rd

  • Ever want to be an extra in a film?  What about a dance scene?!  Click HERE – You are needed.

Sunday, August 24th

  • Love the Kings AND Yoga?!  So does the Yoga Seed Collective. Join them for yoga on the court. BONUS!  You get a free Kings Yoga mat and get to do downward dog next to Slamson, Kings Dancers and players!

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  1. The Basic Bloggers says

    Thanks for the shout out GOTG! We would love to collaborate!

    1. Danielle Ball says

      You’re welcome, love reading your blog. Send us an email if you have something in mind for a collab! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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