10 Emotions You Feel With Adult Coloring Books

By Kristen Flowers kristenflowers_resize

I recently decided that I would jump on the fad of adult coloring books. They are sold as a way to de-stress and free your mind but what I didn’t know was the range of emotions I would experience from the minute that I picked up that first marker.


  1. SMUGNESS: That’s right, this is an adult coloring book people. Not only am I trendy but I am using a non-traditional way to reduce my stress. Puzzles are so passe, I am about to stimulate my motor functions in a way that promotes my creativity.
  2. CONFUSION: So wait, what do I do? I just pick up a marker and go? There are no instructions or rules and that makes me uncomfortable. Do I color this flower the way it would be found in nature or should I do something crazy? I guess I just need to let the creativity flow through me.
  3. BARGAINING: Huh, I mean, I guess it’s not horrible. I don’t feel any calming effects yet but I bet I just have to stick with it. I bet at the end of this picture I am going to feel like a whole new woman.
  4. BETRAYAL: I thought this was suppose to be fun! Why did I spend a bunch of money on all these markers and coloring books? I feel the same way I did when I bought the magic bullet from that late night infomercial and it broke the first time I used it. I hate you Huffington Post for suggesting this!
  5. PARANOIA: How can I possibly relax and find that quiet place within me when I keep checking the next page in my coloring book to see if the marker has bled through?
  6. ANGER: I just colored outside the lines AGAIN! This time it was with a black marker on my yellow flower! It’s ruined, completely ruined. I might as well throw this away and start fresh on a new picture.
  7. ACCEPTANCE: This is my life now. I can’t give up half way through this picture and pick up that bottle of wine I have been eyeing for the last half-hour. No, I must commit and get through this.
  8. WONDER: More like “I wonder why I am still doing this” and “I wonder how I got marker all over my hands”.
  9. AMAZEMENT: After an hour of coloring it is done and it doesn’t look half bad. Maybe there is something to this whole adult coloring book thing. Go me!
  10. LOSS: Now what am I suppose to do with this? What would be worse, hanging it on the fridge or framing it. I don’t know what I am suppose to do with this colorful flower! I guess I will just throw it away.



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  1. Sharyn says

    HA!!!! I loved this. I suspect my experience would be similar.

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