Reddit Recap: Things You Missed Last Week

By Leia Ostermann

Leia Ostermann, Editor
Leia Ostermann


I started to use Reddit about six months ago for two very simple reasons:

  1. I wanted to know what my boyfriend was laughing about all the time
  2. Boyfriend wouldn’t let me read over his shoulder

Since then I’ve arrived at an important conclusion: you can find everything there is to know on Reddit. You can read AMAs (Ask me Anything) with famous celebrities like President Obama, watch Reddit users correct President  Obama’s grammar during said AMA, get fitness advice from other females and peruse a whole string of shower thoughts. Plus, cat photos.

With the crazy amount of rain going on in Sacramento, I’ve had time to organize my top contenders from last week’s internet-ing.

Best Burn

Chipotle should offer free guac as a way to pay America back for their e-coli scare.


Best Encouragement

Michael Crichton, author of Jurassic Park, felt his professor at Harvard was giving him unfair grades. To prove it he turned in a paper from George Orwell and received a B-.


Best Short Story

The man entered my kitchen the way he always had- through the door in the white tile wall, the only door out of my apartment. He gave me his usual smile, one of responsibility tinged with guilt, one of a man who works for the greater good and turns a blind eye to his daily actions. He had on the same clothes he always did, a simple lab coat with pocket protector, and the same hairstyle, though his balding condition had progressed over the eighteen years of my life.

But one thing was different about Daedalus, my assigned scientist. Today, he carried a gun and a syringe.READ MORE


Best Star Wars Spoiler

In a Photoshop Battle far, far away, there was a father-son duo that built an X-wing out of cardboard, and—in a surprise twist—it was… super cute.


Best News Article
Woman asks world to pay her back for money spent on Powerball tickets.


Best Video

Alan Rickman used to prank Daniel Radcliffe and it’s so great it makes us cry and make plans to watch every Harry Potter movie this weekend. WATCH


If you’ve never heard of Reddit, don’t worry. We have a Reddit thread made especially for you: /r/outoftheloop.



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