Champagne Wishes + Caviar Dreams: How GOTG would spend the $900 Mil Powerball Jackpot

Unless you’ve been on a deserted island or holed up in a snowed in cabin without wifi for the last week, you are well aware that the Powerball jackpot is approaching the $1billion mark for tonight’s drawing. There is Lottery fever like never before and even those of us who have no clue what a quick pick is are heading to our neighborhood gas station to figure it out in the hopes of becoming California’s next millionaire.

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Winning ticket?

For fun, us gals at GOTG brainstormed the first three things that came to mind when we dream of what we would do with that mountain of cash. Below are a few of our big money dreams, both responsible and extravagant.

Numbers will be picked at 7:59pm Pacific Time tonight. Ticket sales end at 7:00pm.

Good luck!!


Chelsea Irvine
Chelsea Irvine
  • Gather my 50 best friends and family and buy each one of them a plane ticket to anywhere in the world. Yes, that’s my first idea. If I can go, so can they. #wanderlust
  • Buy a home for my mom and my brother, anywhere they want to live.
  • Figure out what I can do to help the Syrian refugee crisis. Saving just one life would be worth more than any lottery winnings could ever provide.




Michelle Sweezey
Michelle Sweezey
  • Go to the bank, get $100,000 in one dollar bills and sprinkle them around the city for a week.
  • Pay off all debt, donate all but my most prized possessions to charity and plot out a course across the globe to travel to with my family engaged in acts of service for a full year.
  • Found a non-profit educational company that uses yoga, brain science and positive psychology to empower students to be the best version of themselves and offer it for free in public schools.



Allie Eklund
Allie Eklund
  • Create an endowment fund for empowerment and educational organizations that lack funding
  • Sponsor the costs to create mandatory financial literacy curriculum in public schools across California
  • Build my Lake Tahoe dream home and host a white Christmas for my family every year after.




Laine Himmelman
Laine Himmelman
  • Pay off my student loans and my Mom’s mortgage.  Give Momma Himm that jaguar convertible she’s always dreamed of (filled top to bottom with cash).  #WelcomeToRetirement
  • Sponsor 100 local Habitat houses and give outrageously large donations to my former educational institutions.  Become a lady who lunches.  Build new state of the art gyms and performing arts centers in all of our low-income local schools.  
  • Give each of my best friends a couple million and a passport case.  Insist they accompany me on a trip around the world for the next year, hitting every continent, festival, and experience imaginable.  Enlist a private jet to take us- picking up new friends, former acquaintances, and strays along the way.  Hire Sea Stand Productions to come along and capture the entire trip as a movie so we can watch it later when we’re old, grey, and surrounded by litters of spoiled, yet delightful and well-traveled grandchildren.  


Kelly Rathburn Conroy
Kelly Rathburn Conroy
  • Build an extension on the house and pay off the mortgage
  • Buy a piece of property and build enough cabins for everyone in my family to have one
  • Become a major donor to the California State Parks Foundation
  • Travel to all the places
  • My husband reminded me that we should probably invest some of it too…



Jamee Villa
Jamee Villa
  • Buy a yacht. Dock it in St. Barths. Order a few cases of champagne. Drink it. Repeat. I’d also fly my family members out one week at a time, obviously. I would use this time to really let the money sink in….to my bank account.





Chantel Elder, Editor
Chantel Elder, Editor
  • Buy my dream studio in cash… and renovate it (location already determined)
  • Travel until I was home sick with my husband and my dog Abbey
  • Give some to my parents – they want a cat rescue sanctuary…seriously
  • Pay off every debt my top 5  people have in this world
  • Pay in full for a GOTG retreat…Yes I love them enough to share





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