Creating Confidence and Conquering Fear in the New Year

By Erica Root

Erica Root
Erica Root

Every year I get older, and just a little bit wiser. A have a better sense of self. More clarity in what I want in life, my goals, and how I hope to achieve them.

But sometimes along the way things get a little fuzzy. A new colleague messes with the equilibrium of the office, my attempts to network and develop professionally leave me feeling overworked and depleted, or I realize what I thought I wanted to do no longer holds my interest.

It is in these moments, when things are murky, that self-doubt takes over. It can creep in, unannounced, a gradual heating of bath water that you don’t realize has come to boil. Despite my various accomplishments I still find myself comparing my success – and more often my failure – to others. I will always be my harshest critic.

When I feel bogged down by moments of doubt, I try my best to correct my behavior. To find the strength, the happiness, the confidence within. It’s always there, sometimes suppressed under the weight of that doubt, but slowly I can uncover it. Bathe in it. And live a better life because of it.

While I normally can pull myself up during these moments, sometimes I need a little help. And I look forward to getting some extra help, some tips and tricks for not only building my confidence but for keeping it at a workshop tonight hosted by InspireMidtown called Creating Confidence and Conquering Fears.

InspireMidtown, a local Lean In circle focused on educating and inspiring one another to lead with confidence, is partnering with Melissa Camilleri, former-teacher-turned CEO of Compliment. The workshop is an opportunity to look inward and learn interactive techniques to create confidence and conquer our fears so that we can take big leaps and achieve our goals in 2016.

If the new year has you thinking not only about your 2016 objectives but about your larger life-goals as well, this workshop will provide the perfect opportunity to create the blueprint for achieving them. Setting out the steps needed to achieve success. Beyond goal-setting, Melissa will lead us in an exercise of self-discovery and reflection, to help us gain a better understanding of what we thrive at and what we don’t. And how understanding both can help when planning our future.

While we will learn more about Melissa’s story during the workshop, I’m already impressed with what little I know about her. After ten years of teaching, she left to focus on her burgeoning business, Compliment, whose motto is we rise by lifting others. The idea beautiful in its simplicity, create locally sourced hand-crafted jewelry that comes with a message, a compliment.

You are kind. You are loved. You are my sunshine. Little tokens, little mantras to remind the recipient to love themselves. Sometimes it is good to be reminded of these things, lest we forget. Little reminders that can boost our self-esteem and build our confidence.

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