How a Girl Crush is Making Me Fit in 2016

By Christie Goodfellow

Christie Goodfellow
Christie Goodfellow

Everyone has that secret girl crush.  That girl that inspires you.  That girl you stalk on Insta and hope she truly appreciates it each time you like her photo.  

Up until very recently I mostly fan-girled on makeup artists and fashion bloggers.  I know…I know…but I really love to see those new lipstick swatches.

Right around October I was cruising (lurking) Instagram on my lunch hour and found a girl who was competing in a race a month.  Appropriately hastagged #Raceamonth2015 I began to follow the journey of Anna Quinlan.  A local badass mom of two was competing in one race a month for the entire year.  Some were triathlons.  One was a Spartan Race (that damned javelin) and some were half marathons.  

Here was Anna competing in Tahoe at super high altitude and here was me binge watching Netflix on my couch.  I needed a goal and some motivation.  Stat.  Real talk…I definitely watched one more episode of House of Cards after that.

Thinking it was kinda creepy I emailed Anna and told her about how I want to repeat her 2015 goal and have my own #2016RaceaMonth.  Honestly I was expecting a block on social media but I received the most genuine email back saying how flattered she was and also an invitation to meet for coffee and chat about my race goals.  

OMG…I totally got to meet my girl crush in person at Temple Coffee.  We talked about what motivates us and how to pick races and stay on track.  Her best advice (she even wrote a PopSugar article about it) was to pick races that interest you and also once you’ve booked it you’re more likely to stay on track since it’s paid for.  She even offered to go with me to some training classes.  

She hooked me up with her friend Allie at ClassPass who was generous enough to gift me two months so I can try out new gyms and figure out what works best for my training.  She is my guardian fitness angel. 

At the start of #RaceaMonth2016 I’ve downloaded and used the Half Marathon coaching option on NikeRun.  My first half marathon will be Fleet Feet’s Shamrockin Half Marathon in March.  Immediately following that I’m flying to LA to do Tough Mudder in April.  I’m completely relying on Fitness Rangers Bootcamp and Barre classes  to getting me ready for that.  My goal is to finish the year by running the CIM.  It’s going to be an epic and tough year and I’m ready for it.

For 2016 my advice to you is this…just find inspiration in someone.  Find someone who helps motivate you and helps you stay positive.  Your goal doesn’t have to be fitness.  It can be with anything.  I’m officially giving you permission to fan girl for an entire year and no one should pass up a good opportunity for a girl crush moment.   No one.  Get out there.  Your 2017 self will thank you for it! 

Photos courtesy of Anna Quinlan

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