One Hike a Month: My 2015 Resolution Reflection

By Chantel Elder

Chantel Elder, Editor
Chantel Elder, Editor

The stretch of time between Christmas and New Year’s Day might be my favorite time of year. It is somewhat of a staycation, with a few day trip get aways and a chance for me to reconnect with family and friends and decide what the next years goals look like. It is basically my time to do whatever I want and hit the restart button… I LOVE it.

Rather than resolving to:

1) lose weight

2) drink less

3) save more money

4) or something else unrealistic and non-specific

I prefer to come up with a routine that is easy to be accountable for and honestly adds enjoyment to my life.  Typically when I structure goals in this way, the result naturally affects the generic list everyone has.  

In 2015 I set the goal of one hike a month, every month for the whole year. I am proud to say that goal gets a big fat check mark for completion. Aside from completing the yearly goal, I think I established that hiking once a month is something that is now a part of my life and routine.

I am not what I refer to as a “super hiker” – so no desolation wilderness or dehydrated foods here. Maybe that is a goal for another year but for now I prefer; a trail, a body of water or look out on the route and a brewery in close proximity to the ending point of the hike.  

My hiking level is still pretty average and while I am not afraid of a little incline or a longer distance (15 miles is my max distance to date) I am not to the point of overnight/multiple day trips where I have to carry my survival pack on my back. 

It is so easy to get lost in the routine of what is familiar and comfortable. I found that my once a month hike goal offered the opportunity to explore areas that I have never been. It also offered quality time with friends to connect, unplug from my phone, (with the exception of picture taking), and let my mind wander away from whatever was stressing at the time. These hikes ended up being so much more spiritual and offered more support than I had imagined when I declared it a resolution last year.

If hiking is something that you would like to add to your New Year’s Resolution I can help you out with a list of the 12 places that are scattered on my 2015 calendar complete with a few photos.  I like nature, conversation with a dear friend and picturesque views so if that sounds like something you are into ,feel free to add one hike a month to your resolution list this year!  

I kicked the journey off on a super high note and went to Yosemite for the first time – it was pretty much glorious and if you haven’t been it is a MUST!

Upper Yosemite Falls Trail


Salmon Falls


Sly Park

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetNorth Fork Campground Hike


Auburn Quarry Trail


Stebbins Blue Canyon Trail


Black Sand Beach Hike Hawaii


Calaveras Big Trees State Park


Hidden Falls

Robie Point Fire Break Trail

The Presidio Urban Hike SF

Emerald Bay Tahoe

Hiking isn’t a rare hobby among us – Check out my fellow Girls on the Grid and their hiking recommendations/reflections HERE.

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